instrument landing

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an aircraft landing made entirely by means of instruments

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The exercise will also involve the flight commissioning of a newly installed Instrument Landing System and Distance Measuring Equipment.
It will significantly improve navigation and instrument landing services during times of low visibility, contributing to reduced flight delays and diversions, and improvements to the overall service offered from Bahrain International Airport, said the minister.
Technavio's analysts forecast the global instrument landing system and visual landing aids market to grow at a CAGR of 5.
Category-III(B), installed at AIIAP Lahore, is advanced and state of the art Instrument Landing System.
com)-- The Global Instrument landing system and visual landing aids market is expected to reach $19 Billion by 2022.
The problem struck at around 11am, shutting down Manchester's Instrument Landing System (ILS).
WORCESTER -- A public meeting on the planned upgrade to the instrument landing system at Worcester Regional Airport, along with construction of a "jug-handle taxiway'' at the end of its longest runway, drew few people Tuesday night, none of whom voiced opposition to the project.
Ms Soubry goes on to say that an Instrument Landing System bought by the Welsh Government "can only be fully commissioned once a number of houses and buildings are demolished, as they infringe the Instrument Landing System safety footprint".
The system also provides best calibration than all traditional instrument landing systems.
Flights were landing using CAT-III B instrument landing system (ILS).
was attempting to land on a second, much shorter runway that wasn't equipped with a full instrument landing system to help keep planes from coming in too high or too low.
Earlier this month, the DGCA issued a stern warning to airlines to deploy pilots trained to fly in fog and fit aircraft with devices to match CAT- III Instrument Landing System ( ILS) in Delhi.
It overcomes many of the limitations of Instrument Landing Systems (ILS) traditionally used by airports to guide aircraft as they approach the runway.
Beginning January 1, pilots flying from the country's 10 busiest airports into the Chinese capital must be qualified to use an instrument landing system on days when smog reduces visibility to around 400 meters (1,315 feet), the official China Daily said, citing China's civil aviation regulator.
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