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This newest edition drills down into the instructional materials needs of PreK educators through the results of an online survey of Head Start locations, school-based PreK and early childhood programs, and independent childcare centers conducted in partnership with MCH Strategic Data.
Additionally, 40 non-instructional paraprofessionals previously in schools serving a wealthier student body have recently been certified highly qualified instructional, and on January 8 reported to new school assignments at Title 1 schools.
In addition to sequencing cases, identification of the difficulty level of the content is a major consideration in an instructional situation (Crone-Todd, Pear, & Read, 2000).
The purpose of this study was to investigate the attitudes of under-graduate education majors on the effectiveness of web-enhanced instructional strategies and traditional instructional strategies.
The instructional content of Web-based instruction is obviously the most important piece.
How can teachers insert substantive mathematical comments and teach notational conventions without impairing opportunities for learners to develop meaning from their instructional experiences?
The final Instructional Equipment and Library Materials Cluster lists were disseminated at the Laney Council Meeting on December 6, 2000 and the Department Chairperson meeting, December 7, 2000.
Despite confusion over their job title, there is little confusion about instructional coordinators' chief responsibility: to ensure that educational programs comply with school board and Federal, State, and local government regulations.
ADL supported instructional products should be designed to have the following characteristics:
Since then, more autistic students have been integrated into regular classrooms with an instructional aide modifying assignments.
Simulated operations include drug purchasing scenarios, such as buy-busts, rips, and raids, conducted within the controlled, but stressful, environment designed by the instructional staff.
This is an interactive and engaging e-learning course on Instructional Design that builds the basic knowledge about instructional theories and content types.
15, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Academic Partnerships(AP), a leading global provider of online services for higher education, announced today a strategic partnership with Instructional Connections(IC), which specializes in top-tier online coaching support for universities.
Reflective teaching, effective learning; instructional literacy for library educators.
Appropriate testing accommodations and alternate assessment may be offered, but research indicates that attention to instructional issues plays a vital role in helping students with disabilities master academic content.
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