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a manual usually accompanying a technical device and explaining how to install or operate it

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After reports on Japan's plan to mention the Takeshima islets in the curriculum instruction manual, South Korean President Lee Myung Bak expressed concern and the South Korean National Assembly adopted a resolution calling on the Japanese education ministry not to include mention of the Takeshima islets as an integral part of Japanese territory.
The hmmms, the sighs, the frustrated grunts; the fruitless rustling through the content of drawers on the hunt for instruction manuals, or perhaps for the star-headed screwdriver he stowed away for safe-keeping (so safe, of course, nobody will ever find it again
And he does, in fact, wrap things up with a brief instruction manual.
This software packet comes with an instructor CD-ROM, two student CD-ROMs, two student game diskettes and a brief instruction manual.
DOES anyone have an instruction manual for a Toshiba VCR model V2125B?
Unfortunately, in an effort to accomplish this, Souls sometimes reads more like a moaning spiritual instruction manual than an elevating anthology that quietly inspires introspection.
Symphony were drawn not from Schiller's Ode to Joy, but from a rather severely written instruction manual.
Stephen Mitchell describes the Bhagavad Gita on several different levels: a great philosophical poem, an instruction manual for spiritual practice, and a guide to peace of heart.
The effect on me is a bit like reading a software instruction manual.
Ortega takes the Beetle, disassembles it part by part, component by component, and recomposes it in space, so that it hangs in the air, a cross between a three-dimensional rendition of a mechanic's instruction manual and an entomologist's anatomy exercise.
The supanet broadband Internet access kit includes a digital modem, sign-up CD, cables and instruction manual.
Polon describes the book as "an instruction manual for your new baby 0-6 months".
Next, the instructor stands by as the student goes through the preflight checklist, sometimes with instruction manual in hand, and questions the reasoning behind the student's actions.
It comes complete with a convenient pocket clip, 3V lithium battery and an instruction manual.
The kit includes color-coded laces, a full color standup instruction manual and instructions for both left and right-handed children.