instruction execution

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(computer science) the process of carrying out an instruction by a computer

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With increased densities, the distance electrons travel is shortened; not only can more information be stored, but also instruction execution time is reduced.
They will demonstrate how a debugger can provide power profiles and other methods that allow power consumption to be synchronized with instruction execution.
Contract award: Delivery, assembly, installation, configuration, commissioning and commissioning of equipment and consumables, software and instruction execution finished job position for two laboratories for professional advertising organization techniques for the project
Fast instruction execution enabled by a modern 16-bit RISC CPU, coupled with the ability to start-up from standby in less than 1 microsecond with a digitally controlled oscillator (DCO), results in ultra-low power consumption for battery life of over ten years.
0 accelerates software simulation by concurrent instruction execution on a general-purpose CPU and a grid of VLIW processors supported by an ultra-high bandwidth memory architecture.
ZiLOG's new ZNEO 16-bit Flash MCU features a 16-bit CPU optimized for near single-cycle instruction execution, yielding up to 20 MIPS at 20 MHz; large zero-wait-time internal Flash and RAM to support today's demanding controller requirements; a 32-bit ALU for powerful math functionality; a 16-bit bus for high performance; and a compiler-friendly instruction set for compact code.
Example: an increase in power per clock of 20% is offset by a 3x speed up in instruction execution.
More than just a processor, the Centrino(TM) technology provides fully integrated wireless LAN and graphics capability to deliver faster instruction execution with lower power consumption, enabling great battery life.
ZNEO 16F Flash MCU key features * 16-bit CPU optimized for near single cycle instruction execution yielding 20 MIPS at 20 MHz; * Large zero wait time internal Flash and RAM support today's controller requirements; * Powerful math functions, 32-bit ALU and 16-bit bus for high-performance; * Compiler-friendly instruction set for compact code; * Rich array of peripherals and analog functions make ZNEO suitable for a variety of applications -- from security panels to motor control.
By combining an ultra-integrated handset SoC, which leverages the instruction execution efficiency of the StarCore architecture, with a VoWiFi Software Package that further minimizes power consumption, Legerity has created the most efficient and comprehensive solution for VoWiFi telephony.
The MB91369 FR50 RISC core is built with a Harvard architecture featuring a five-stage pipeline with single-cycle instruction execution.
With fast instruction execution enabled by a modern 16-bit RISC CPU, a start-up time of less than six microseconds from standby and a fully synchronized, high-speed system clock, the chip's total power consumption is 10 times lower than competing devices.