instruction book

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a book of directions for using or operating some piece of equipment

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We have, for the first time, the ability to read our own instruction book.
Nintendo, which sold 87,000 of the pounds 99 consoles at its launch weekend last month, warns of the danger in its instruction book.
But Mom left Fern a "gift" to locate the secret instruction book.
The last cordless phone I bought came with a 69 page instruction book.
The title's binder instruction book carries information on the trial notebook system, as well as tips and strategies for maximizing settlements and enhancing discovery.
I tried desperately to make it work, so in my desperation, I sought for the instruction book.
We have caught the first glimpses of our instruction book previously known only to God.
Not to be outdone, Francis Collins, head of the government's Human Genome Project, added, "It is awe-inspiring to realize that we have caught the first look at our own instruction book, previously known only to God.
Additionally, you will find a link to the DISAM textbook, The Management of Security Assistance, our premier instruction book, and other important security assistance documents and regulations used during the instruction.
The families of three people killed by a man who allegedly followed the advice in a murder-for-hire instruction book have agreed to settle their claims against the book's publisher and its owner for several million dollars.
The instruction book also says that the game is realistic - roof tiles can break under you and wet floors are slippery.
The tax code is thick, and preparing taxes isn't as simple as it seems from the instruction book.
Girls were instructed to bring to camp their camera, their camera's instruction book, extra batteries, and a minimum of two rolls of 24-exposure film with an ASA of 200 or 400.
Raftis has written an instruction book titled Cue Tips.