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a book of directions for using or operating some piece of equipment

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The 899 SM5V kit for advanced calligraphy users includes four calligraphy pens in assorted colors, five sizes of interchangeable nibs, 20 water-based ink cartridges in assorted colors, a metal pump, practice pad, and a detailed instruction book.
And if you spend over pounds 10, you'll receive a free copy of The Gardener's Little Instruction Book worth pounds 3.
Why is an instruction book for a bought machine so necessary?
I HAVE been given a Sanyo microwave model number EM 1206S and would be grateful if you could find me an instruction book.
This Woman's Little Instruction Book is all you need to help sort out the man in your life.
The products also use Echelon's Interoperable Self-Installation (ISI) software that allows them to self-organize into a fully functional control network without the need for a costly and failure-prone central controller, clumsy battery-operated hand-held programmer, or confusing user instruction book.
Rangoli, an Indian Art Activity Book" is a sturdy, spiral bound instruction book on creating artistic designs called rangoli, especially adapted for children age 9 and up.
SNPs, or single nucleotide polymorphisms, are letters in the genetic instruction book that can vary between individuals.
Co-authored by Adrien Clautrier (a self-employed mechanic born and raised in Marseille, France) and Henry Rowe (a current resident of Paris) who bring their own particular expertise in the subject, "Dirty French" is a slim paperback instruction book that is packed from cover to cover with choice expressions that will serve to punctuate conversation in French like someone native born.
Other features include auto solve, sound keys and helpful hints with instruction book.
The 7 Laws Of The Golf Swing' is a new instruction book that breaks the mould.
The kit includes two videocassettes, an audio CD with pocket-size instruction book, a CD-ROM and a website connection.
The only horse to get anywhere near Ramruma a month ago, Noushkey just ran away with the Lancashire Oaks even though Philip Robinson had to throw his instruction book out of the window.