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provided with information; made aware

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Commissioner instructed all Deputy Commissioners and Assistant Commissioners of the division to visit schools and hospitals on permanent basis and attempt to resolve issues these institutions are facing.
Asif Ali Zardari instructed Sindh government to apprehend the killers of Ahmed Shah.
The ministry has also been instructed to implement indexation of the pension capital accumulated in the insurance part of individual accounts in the personal accounting system.
He also instructed all range DIGs to ensure Rao Anwar's arrest through coordination.
He also instructed the Finance Secretary to make provision in the budget to give to the Gram Panchayats a fund of Rs five lakh to Rs 30 lakh based on the population figures every year.
He also instructed to divert CCTV towards main gates of Churches and park to keep a vigilance eye on movement of visitors.
The President has instructed the relevant officials to carry out every necessary measure to provide immediate relief to the people affected by the inclement weather condition.
The financial institutions have also been instructed to notify the Central Bank of Bahrain about any financial information which concern these entities and individuals as soon as possible.
Vulcanization--From Knowledge to Application, instructed by Robert Schuster, will be held September 12.
The Government also instructed all state institutions to conclude agreements and memorandums of cooperation with the SEC on transfer and migration of information from their registers and databases for the purpose of updating the voters' list.
8 -- Minister of Industry and Commerce Rishad Bathiudeen has instructed the Consumers Affairs Authority (CAA) under his Ministry on 07 February to 'move fast on errant traders who fail to give the recent budgetary benefits to Lankan consumers.
But it had to be adjourned for 24 hours when it emerged that both the prosecution and defence had instructed the same barrister.
THE case of a man charged with attempted murder following an alleged knife attack at a local Tesco store had to be adjourned after the prosecution and defence teams both instructed the same barrister.
Introduction to Instructed Second Language Acquisition
The board emphasised the importance of the new banking draft law that has been redrafted and updated and instructed to take necessary action to complete the development of all provisions of the law in conformity with international best practices in this regard.