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Synonyms for institutionalized

officially placed in or committed to a specialized institution

given the character of an institution or incorporated into a structured and usually well-established system

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At the same time, MDGs/VDGs reports are institutionalized to become a tool for monitoring, evaluating and consulting national social development policies.
Imran Khan also stated that in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa he had set up a cricket talent hunt and was helping in organizing an institutionalized cricketing set up at the provincial level where the abundant raw talent could be nurtured.
For children who had been placed in foster care, white matter volume was indistinguishable from that of children who were never institutionalized.
The institutionalized participants ranged in age from 55 to 95 years of age with a mean age of 82.
5% in the institutionalized children, compared with 3% among children in foster care.
Institutional critique has always been institutionalized.
In conclusion, Ginsburg added, "Should inmate requests for religious accommodations become excessive, impose unjustified burdens on other institutionalized persons, or jeopardize the effective functioning of an institution, the facility would be free to resist the imposition.
Thus NSA/CSS systems engineering policies, processes, and directives are institutionalized within major development efforts.
This process is certain to reinforce the dominance of institutionalized heterosexuality in American social policy and social welfare distribution.
WASHINGTON -- Medicare managed care plans, known as Medicare Advantage, can now design targeted health plans for low-income and institutionalized patients.
Marine Corps Reserve and the Westchester County Detachment of the Marine Corps League, the program provides a bit of joy to abused, underprivileged and institutionalized children from ages 0-18 in Westchester county.
This is a serious account suitable for young readers in covering such elements of the African-American experience as fear, violence, institutionalized injustice, Iynchings, as well as the courageous acts of others, including those who spoke out against segregation and dared to make a difference.
Researchers found that collaboration has become institutionalized in many U.
The New National Party, descended from the infamous party that institutionalized apartheid, virtually disappeared.
Under Section 1396p(a)(1)(B), the individual's residence is exempt from Medicaid liens as long as an institutionalized person intends to return home and the state fails to prove otherwise.