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Synonyms for institutionalized

officially placed in or committed to a specialized institution

given the character of an institution or incorporated into a structured and usually well-established system

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Although institutionalized socialization is often employed by organizations to encourage conformity, Ashforth and Saks (1996) stated that institutionalized socialization can also be used to foster innovation.
This study was carried out with the aim of evaluating the salivary gland function, colonization of the oral cavity with yeasts and dental status in the institutionalized and non-institutionalized elderly.
In Visayas, there are now 120 institutionalized PESOs.
Khan called for institutionalized regional bodies that should elect their office bearers as well as the Chairman PCB.
Children who remained in institutional care had significantly reduced white matter volume as compared with those never institutionalized.
But we need to be institutionalized about nuclear energy.
In institutionalized older adults, the stifled environment may be mutually patterned with lower field energy and a decrease in the frequency of the experience of humor.
As a result of over-concentration of both the international community and the Afghan government on counter-warlordism, Afghan democracy never found the opportunity to be institutionalized between the years 2001 and 2006.
However, this limitation on home equity does not apply if any of the following persons reside in the home: (1) the individual's spouse; (2) the individual's child under 21; (3) the individual's blind or disabled child; (4) a sibling who has an ownership interest in the home and was residing in the home for a period of at least one year immediately before the individual became institutionalized; or (5) a caregiver child who resided in the home for a period of at least two years immediately before the individual became institutionalized and whose care permitted such individual to reside at home.
However, this method has not been entirely effective, as the institutionalized gangs simply adapt to increases in police presence and surveillance.
Keywords: Elderly care, well-being, institutionalized care, noninstitutionalized care, life satisfaction.
In the ongoing study, called the Bucharest Early Intervention Project, the researchers randomized 136 children between 6 and 31 months of age who had been institutionalized to remain in the institution or to move to foster care.
Care moved from private homes to institutionalized settings that became popular and necessary, as families decentralized and more women began working outside the home.
In 1989, Hauser and Allen began a follow-up study to see why some of the institutionalized teens had persevered against all odds.
Fullan stated that it takes about six years for change to become institutionalized at the high school level.