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organized as or forming an institution

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In the context of museum exhibitions and art-history symposia such as these, one increasingly finds institutional critique accorded the unquestioning respect often granted artistic phenomena that have achieved a certain historical status.
Synthesizing imagination and empirical rigor--art and science--the firm covers every area of institutional strategy and marketing, from enrollment to advancement to brand positioning.
And the exclusive partnership from Zephyr highlights the value InvestorForce adds to the business of institutional investing.
In order to comprehend the barriers and the broader economic, social, and historic factors of institutional racism within the United States, it is first necessary to understand the "types of minority status" (Ogbu, 1993, p.
The transaction will combine two high-profile operations - London-based Euromoney and New York-based Institutional Investor - that specialize in the world of high finance.
Is it because institutional child care is demonstrably cruel or unsuccessful (by whatever standards)?
A new survey of two of the annuals' principal players -- the institutional investor and the corporate financial officer (CFO) -- strongly suggests that perhaps all the howling is unfair and unfounded.
This team will work with Kuhn and Executive Vice President and Head of Operations Carl Borsari to direct all aspects of the management of the firm's institutional assignments and will coordinate their efforts with Newmark's stellar team of leasing brokers.
brands, AMVESCAP strives to deliver outstanding products and services through a comprehensive array of enduring investment solutions for our retail, institutional and private wealth management clients around the world.
Although clearly, the data needs of financial aid offices will differ (just as the activities of directors of financial aid differ), there are some metrics useful in any aid office for tracking and managing the use of institutional resources over time, and benchmarking with other appropriate IHEs.
With more than 35 years experience in prosecuting securities fraud and more than $45 billion in investor recoveries, the firm is uniquely positioned to assist institutional investors in recovering funds through the claims-filing process.
Alliance Dedicated to Recovering Securities Losses of Italian Institutional Investors
Three Renowned Wall Street and Internet Experts Join Monitor110, Amplifying Company's Ability to Help Institutional Investors Turn Internet Information into Alpha Generation
Bank Institutional Trust & Custody announced today that it has entered into a definitive agreement to sell its bundled 401(k) defined contribution plan business to Great-West Life & Annuity whose business unit, Great-West Retirement Services, will manage the business.
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