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For further details please contact: Maliha Aqeel, director of communications, Institute of Corporate Directors +1-416-593-7741 ext.
Last summer, the Institute committed itself to raising both its profile and, more important, the profile of corporate tax executives and tax departments generally.
The Institute will be located at CalCPA headquarters in Redwood City and meetings will occur in conjunction with CalCPA Board meetings.
The LIRTF Summer Institute was funded to create and support professional development programs in the identified "high need" districts.
The National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases, one of the sponsors, will set aside $2 million a year for grants.
With its six main themes (state formation and societal differentiation; culture and civilization; religion and confession; gender; nature; Europe and its borders), it was the most ambitious undertaking of the institute to date.
As the new year begins today in the Jewish community with celebrations of Rosh Hashana in homes and temples, the 57-year-old institute prepares for a new era, bringing in new administration and starting a $5 million capital campaign to expand its facilities and mission.
All of this attention has a lot of people wondering: What is the Rutherford Institute, and who is John Wayne Whitehead?
Given NACH's mission to facilitate a bonding of humanists from varied traditions, the institute curriculum embraced the ideas of a wide range of freethought, liberal religious, religious humanist, and secular humanist forerunners.
With Porter's support, all of the National Institutes of Health are anticipating a healthy budget increase next year, with a slightly larger than average allocation slated for the National Institute on Aging.
The McGovern Institute at MIT is a neuroscience research institute committed to improving human welfare and advancing communications.
Not only was the program oversubscribed, but the evaluations were uniformly positive, both in terms of the technical content presented during the plenary and concurrent sessions and in terms of the networking opportunities afforded the registrants, many of whom had not previously attended many Institute programs.
5 million project to repair infrastructure throughout the institute, will be the focus of a public celebration Sept.
The Multifamily Housing Institute, a group of 80 leading organizations active in the multi-family housing business, has announced it is beginning development of an on-line database that will track the performance of multi-family properties and loans nationwide.
This Institute will explore the accelerating collision of medical technology and economics.
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