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the introduction of a liquid (by pouring or injection) drop by drop

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The tendency to overemphasize the instilment of knowledge should be changed, and students' initiative in learning brought into full play.
He added that despite these challenges and the difficult nature of its missions, the Peacekeeping Operations Department was actively contributing to the instilment of global peace and security in areas of conflict and tension, as well as deep-rooting concepts of security and mass peace.
Let us note the problem does not only consist in that of the political system in itself, as a mechanism of redistributing power and alternation between various factions--for this would be possible even in the event of, let us say, mob rule--but what truly bears importance and what, unfortunately, proves most difficult, is the instilment in the people's minds, of the feeling they are free and of its direct corollary, that they alone are responsible for their future well-being.
Annually, The PitCCh In Foundation conducts special events in the Sabathia's hometown of Vallejo, California, as well as the New York Metropolitan area, to support the instilment of building character and values CC was raised with.
More developers are willing to free buyers from committing a large portion of the instilments during the life cycle of the project.