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Synonyms for instillation

the introduction of a liquid (by pouring or injection) drop by drop

a liquid that is instilled drop by drop

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To complete our analysis and comparison, we identified studies that compared patients receiving any intravesical chemotherapy (first instillation was within 24 hours following TUR-BT) plus subsequent BCG with the control patients treated with BCG alone.
Lung toxicity of 16 fine particles on intratracheal instillation in a bioassay model using F344 male rats.
In a meta-analysis of seven randomized trials, one immediate instillation of chemotherapy after TUR decreased the recurrence rate by 12% and the odds of recurrence by 39%.
5) Newer treatment options now include placement of an Ommaya catheter into the cystic portion with instillation of bleomycin into the tumour.
The tolerability of the different concentrations was assessed after weekly instillations into the urinary bladder for 6 weeks.
In this study, Blink-N-Clean eye drops produced a significant reduction in contact lens deposits, in terms of heaviness, from five minutes after instillation and this difference was maintained after two weeks of twice daily use.
Contemporary and historic media are mixed and combined in this instillation evoking reflection on past and present, on the laws of mankind in comparison to the never changing landscape, reminding us of the human smallness and perishability.
DISPLAYS An interactive art instillation formed part of the celebrations for The Angel of the North's 15th birthday
VISITORS are invited to "Bring the Happy" to a new public art instillation visiting Stockton.
McCullough created an instillation of bedraggled sneakers, boots with their soles hanging by threads, sandals with broken straps, and one unsuccessful attempt at making footwear out of a piece of carpet and a bit of string.
8) conducted a systematic review of patients with arthralgia and arthritis following BCG immunotherapy and identified 61 cases of musculoskeletal complications related to intravesical BCG instillation.
It is worth mentioning that the symposium comes within the context of the activities, programmes and seminars of the CBOS Department of Strategic Planning and Communication which aims at instillation of strategic planning at the banks besides promotion of the culture of quality and excellence.
Reducing ventilator-associated pneumonia (VAP) by not using instillation saline before suctioning [abstract].
Her next big project is part of collaboration of bakers working on an instillation of an edible Indian jungle for the Cake and Bake show in four weeks time.
The authors of the study stated, "There are potential problems when utilizing bladder instillation 'cocktails' with anesthetic agents that are publicized with little or no supporting evidence.