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arousing to action or rebellion

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The Palestinian cause is exploited by Al-Qaeda in its instigative discourse as an outside factor that exists in the region.
This is a good list, replete with instigative power for the undergraduate.
If their speeches are seditious and instigative and can spark racial clashes, legal action will be taken against them,'' he warned.
Under his leadership, OIRA has become less of a reactive, "end of the pipeline" reviewer and more of an activist, instigative organization than under any previous administrator.
In particular, these studies have reported a central role of the frontal and parietal lobes, as well as the thalamus and limbic system, despite different research protocols and instigative spiritual practices.
And already almost overcome and conquered not moderately by instigative and internal appetite, silently thinking, thoughts among me variously altercated: 'O most happy, above any other lover, is he who will join to her in love, if not wholly, in least in a shared part.
I would like to know who was more instigative in this scheme to industrialise the beautiful heart of Wales than Cynog Dafis and Dafydd Huws?
It might also prove problematic for instigative offenses such as inciting to riot or soliciting a crime and for some instances of vicarious liability.
As both communists and reformists intended, Largo fell; it is not clear how our understanding of these events is to be enhanced by minimizing the instigative and necessary role of the communists or the co-ordination of communist-reformist socialist efforts towards a common goal.
States parties to this Convention undertake to exclude from television programmes transmitted by means of artificial earth satellites any material publicizing ideas of war, militarism, nazism, national and racial hatred and enmity between peoples as well as material which is immoral or instigative in nature or is otherwise aimed at interfering in the domestic affairs or foreign policy of other States.
They denounced the Iranian officials' instigative statements which fuel tensions in Bahrain, contravene the principles of good neighborliness, international laws and norms and trespass on the UN and Organisation of Islamic Conference (OIC) charters.
The Lawyers while observing Black Day on 12-05-2015 will hoist Black Flags at offices of their respective Bar Associations and would also hold protest meetings to strongly condemn the instigative conduct of the Government of that time for letting the tragic incident to happen and inaction of successive Governments to hold high level inquiry for fixing responsibility and bringing the culprits to book and awarding them punishment under the law.
In reply to a question by Mr Abdulrahman on a recent US statement accusing Iran of subverting Bahrain's security and stability, Lt Gen Shaikh Rashid cited US calls to distinguish between terror acts and instigative events staged by political associations, which he considered illogical and unrealistic.
Amazing though they still got asked back in 1999 - this time attracting the ire of righteous people's poet and allround good egg Billy Bragg over the commandeering of a backstage mobile toilet for their own exclusive use - no doubt contravening Bragg's Marxist principles regarding private property as being instigative of class conflict, or something.
The demonstrations and rallies were the result of instigative calls posted on social networking sites, the ministry said.