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Synonyms for instigation

Synonyms for instigation

something that incites especially a violent response

Synonyms for instigation

the verbal act of urging on

Related Words

deliberate and intentional triggering (of trouble or discord)

References in classic literature ?
They took their cheerful rides in the fine mornings of April and May; and Fanny either sat at home the whole day with one aunt, or walked beyond her strength at the instigation of the other: Lady Bertram holding exercise to be as unnecessary for everybody as it was unpleasant to herself; and Mrs.
He had received information, also, that an armed brig from Halifax, probably at the instigation of the Northwest Company, was hovering on the coast, watching for the Tonquin, with the purpose of impressing the Canadians on board of her, as British subjects, and thus interrupting the voyage.
At the instigation of Tchebaroff and his other friends, he decided to make the attempt in the service of truth, progress, and humanity.
The young people, at the countess' instigation, gathered round the clavichord and harp.
Cadwallader was strong on the intended creation of peers: she had it for certain from her cousin that Truberry had gone over to the other side entirely at the instigation of his wife, who had scented peerages in the air from the very first introduction of the Reform question, and would sign her soul away to take precedence of her younger sister, who had married a baronet.
Then came a stranger from another tribe, sent I am sure at the instigation of Hooja.
Tarzan of the Apes, tensing his mighty muscles, strained at the bonds that pinioned him; but they had been re-enforced many times at the instigation of the Russian, so that not even the ape-man's giant brawn could budge them.
Geoffrey, at my instigation, has arranged a harmless little golf party to go to Brancaster the day after to-morrow.
The Titans, oppressed by their father, revolt at the instigation of Earth, under the leadership of Cronos, and as a result Heaven and Earth are separated, and Cronos reigns over the universe.
It was a great undertaking, due to the instigation of a powerful company.
She is always overdressed and never natural, but it seems to me that nearly everything she does is done to suit his whims, or at his instigation.
The deputation, though it had been summoned at Alexey Alexandrovitch's instigation, was not without its discomforting and even dangerous aspect, and he was glad he had found it in Moscow.
On Mercedes' instigation she executed an ambitious and wonderful breakfast cap for which the old woman returned her twelve dollars after deducting commission.
Assume, if you cannot believe, that Lucille's leaving me may have been at the instigation of these people, and therefore involuntary.
Having married the first time at her mother's instigation, she consulted in her second choice nobody but herself.