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Syria has repeatedly warned of supporting or instigating for terrorism practiced by Al Saud regime in violation of the international resolutions, and since the beginning of the crisis, it has sent a number of letters to the UN and Security Council affirming that the Saudi regime is involved in the crimes perpetrated by the armed terrorist groups in Syria.
Immunity must be lifted from MPs implicated in displacement crimes and in instigating terrorist operations," said MP Arif Tayfour, the parliament's deputy speaker, in a statement.
Editorial covers the facts surrounding litigation brought to trial, the implications of instigating legal actions and its affect on non-immediate participants such as referees.
RANGERS security chief Lawrence McIntyre last night blamed Feyenoord supporters for instigating the violence that marred the beginning of their UEFA Cup clash last night.
The Butcher and Matt Dyke were instigating mandatory roll-ins, resulting in many close calls and one full contact between the Butcher and a dropping-in Dober.
The prisoner was allegedly disciplined for instigating a work stoppage but the court found no evidence that a work stoppage occurred.
As part of its campaign, the SEIU is instigating nuisance complaints with the NLRB to generate publicity for unsupported, false claims of labor violations.
The charges that the association directs at Erdoy-an and the Davutoy-lu government include "instigating ISIL to eliminate an ethnic or religious group partly or completely as part of a plan, and instigating it to kill or injure a community or deprive it from freedom as part of the same plan, for religious or political motives.
Murshidabad, Feb 8 ( ANI ): West Bengal Police on Friday registered an FIR against Union Minister of State for Railways Adhir Ranjan Chowdhary for allegedly instigating his supporters to attack the house of Murshidabad District Magistrate Rajiv Kumar.
ISLAMABAD -- Minister for Information and Broadcasting Qamar Zaman Kaira said on Monday that the Punjab rulers were instigating the people against the federation and they were personally responsible for the loss of life and damage to the public and Pakistan Peoples Party's (PPP) leaders and workers' property.
They were charged with intimidating and instigating violence and endangering public lives.
THE GUJARAT High Court on Friday dismissed the appeal of two TV journalists to quash abetment to suicide FIRs registered against them for allegedly instigating a man to immolate himself.
In cancerous cells, telomerase may keep telomeres from shrinking and instigating this natural self-destruction, Herbert says.
Mild-mannered early in his career, Bryant has become increasingly verbal and aggressive on the court, but instigating a fight is a career first.
A FORMER teacher at Rugby's Ashlawn School claims she was denied extra work at the comprehensive as part of a "victimisation" campaign against her for instigating two previous employment tribunals.