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In her article, "Wandering: Repaving the way you think," which opens on page 8, author Lisa Maher explains that despite the paucity of scientific studies evaluating wandering or the usefulness of behavioral interventions, there are many canonical stories of how design elements can work to either lessen the agitation that instigates wandering or even accommodate the behavior.
His image production continually orbits around the legend of the American boxing champion: Muhammad Ali--em Stuck in funf Bildern (Muhammad Ali--a play in five acts), 2001, tells the tale of the artist Maria Venom, who instigates the fourfold cloning of Ali as the ultimate readymade, which in the end she achieves with the help of three female reproductive specialists, albeit producing an infa ntile and clownish version of the ideal.
Maulidi refuses to listen to her, does not do his chores and even instigates a fight between the two of them.
Prosecutors argued the sect instigates "religious enmity" by claiming to be the only true religion and endangers adherents' lives by prohibiting blood transfusions.
Since 1983 Mackechnie has been director of the Glasgow Print Studio, which encourages and promotes printmaking in the West of Scotland and instigates collaborations with artists.
If a child instigates multiple withdrawals in a short period of time, Teller Man may ask, "Do you owe money to the bully down the street or what?