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Founded in 1999, Instigate helps small and medium businesses (SMBs) maximize their staffing and recruiting resources.
Laflin signed on as a sales rep for Instigate Design.
BEIRUT: Hizbullah leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah warned Thursday against attempts to instigate sectarian strife, urging Lebanese not to jump to conclusions before investigations into security incidents are concluded.
BDI requested of the public prosecution office to instigate an investigation for the ethnic Albanians that went missing during the 2001 conflict, because, according to them, these cases have elements of war crime such as the cases for which the Hague Court will instigate an investigation.
A high-profile shooting incident in 1993 helped instigate the litany of lawsuits against firearm manufacturers by sundry cities, counties, and states.
Sassower, former President of the New York Women's Bar Association, stated that "It's bad enough that Judge Lippman would instigate and accept a political deal guaranteeing his uncontested nomination at the Judicial Nominating Conventions of both major parties in the 9th Judicial District, in itself a felony.
Jasari stated that the courts in Macedonia cannot handle cases, for which the Hague Court due to lack of facts, decided not to instigate a court procedure and every attempt to bypass the Law on Amnesty will cause bad consequences for the legal security of Macedonian citizens.
OTCBB:TBXR), an independent oil and gas exploration and production company, announced today it has filed and completed the necessary documentation required by the Texas Secretary of State to instigate its 10 to 1 reverse stock split authorized by its stockholders at a special meeting held August 31, 2005.
Once bound together, the two proteins instigate a chain of events called apoptosis that leads to the cell's orderly breakup.
Changnon, who collected the Midwest data, has suggested that jet contrails act as condensation "seeds' and instigate cloud formation.
Prosecutors declined to file murder charges against Diaz-Ponce because he did not instigate the shooting that led to the death of his accomplices, Zajec said.
Biographer Levin, an acknowledged clone, says some athletes hate the Jungle because Rome is a smart ass and he will instigate his clones against certain players, which makes life a nightmare for them.
The suit specifically asserts that Market Makers engaged in naked shorting of the company's stock and have repeatedly, over the past three years, posted intentional misprints of trades that were well outside the existing market spread at the time of these transactions in order to instigate panic selling on the part of investors and to force technical weakness in the stock.
Their leaders vowed to continue protests, and warned that Milosevic may be planning to instigate violence to justify a crackdown while the world's attention is distracted by the Christmas holidays.