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the arch of the foot

the part of a shoe or stocking that covers the arch of the foot

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Rep dec rnd every other rnd 4 (6, 8) more times, then every rnd 5 times--16 sts rem: 8 sts each for instep and sole.
Caption: Figure 4: Ken's Moccasins after side seam repair, name change in the instep lane, and paint restoration.
In 2015, InStep will also be presenting at DistribuTECH on how to leverage data historian software to meet synchrophasor data management and power quality analysis requirements that ultimately lead to more reliable electricity transmission.
The purpose of the study was to find the utility of medium thickness plantar skin graft from the instep in primary coverage of the palmar defects resulting from release of post burn palmar and digital contractures, syndactyly release and tumor resection, considering the aesthetic and functional demands of the recipient site.
Roundhouse kicks were thrown against a thorax model comprised water core heavy bag +/- of the hogu and instep guards.
Instep kicks in soccer, are known to be used when the player needs to generate a faster ball speed, nevertheless, the inside kick is considered the most frequently used technique when a shorter and precise pass or shot is required (Nunome, 2002; Lees, 1996).
Instep psychologist Vanessa Caldwell said the launch of the program would help those left stressed by the recession.
WhenYou'r Round is a mutilation of Th Stranglers classic Golden Brown - a song that should be messed with - and Gotta Boyfriend makes you feel li banging your head off the w Instep is a step in the rig d not a ike wall.
Summary: InStep software's PRiSM, online condition monitoring, and eDNA real time data historian solutions will be featured during the POWER GEN 2009 technical tour of the Al Hidd Power Plant, where they are installed, formally marking the entry of InStep software into the Middle East market.
Alonso needed seven stitches in his instep after Liverpool's FA Cup victory over Preston a fortnight ago, an injury that sidelined the Spaniard last week because his foot hadn't heeled sufficiently to wear football boots.
The instep is 3-4mm lower than a normal skate with a thinner heel base and a higher cuff to accommodate a man's calf muscles, which are shorter than a woman's.
ENERGY RESOURCE-7 February 2008-Progress Energy Taps Monitoring System from InStep Software(C)2008 JeraOne - http://www.
The Chicago Reader's parent company sold the Chicago building to a company called Instep Ventures* and the shareholders are hanging on to the property in D.
The dramatic impact that this treatment can have on a range of cancer types was captured and visualised by a high-impact, high-definition 3D animated video produced by an Instep team at Northumbria University within a week of the commission being placed.