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the arch of the foot

the part of a shoe or stocking that covers the arch of the foot

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InStep Software offers a synchrophasor data management module for the eDNA data management platform.
The Infosys InStep programme is designed to provide a forum for
Therefore, the purpose of the present study has been two-fold; (a) to compare the consistency in the lower limb acceleration patterns during inside and instep kicks performed by players with different skill levels, and (b) to investigate the correlation between the subjects' skill ratings relative to their kicking performance, and repeatability of the knee acceleration profile in order to provide a suitable basis for new methods aiming to optimally record and analyse similar conditions.
A single identified fault has proven to save a power plant over $500,000; one InStep Software customer realized a five-to-one ROI in the first year of utilizing PRiSM.
InStep Software, LLC is a leading provider of real-time performance management software and solutions for the utility, process, manufacturing, and telecommunications industries and government agencies.
InStep Software, a provider of real-time software systems and solutions, today announced that Progress Energy has implemented its PRiSM software to support Progress Energy's Centralized Performance Monitoring initiative.
The Integrated Services Training and Products or Instep initiative offers an integrated design service to small to medium-sized businesses developing products and services for the health sector.
Suddenly she stops and shows a simple tendu, pausing to savor the power of the instep.
For example, on a slant to the defender's right, his weight should be on the instep of his left foot.
It is ADA compliant, with an instep hydraulic wheelchair lift, and secured positions for two wheelchairs.
Most women have flat feet, and most shoes are constructed from a high instep mold," explains Joseph, who is also flat-footed.
Lowe left the game following the sixth inning, during which he turned his left ankle when he stepped in a small hole on the side of the mound and then took a line drive from Mike Cameron off the instep of the same foot.
You can also use small circular movements on the heels and up the instep.
The liner has two adjustable hook-and-loop straps across the instep for a custom fit.
A running shoe should fit like a sandal with a snug heel, a strap across the instep and wiggle room for your toes.