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the act or process of formally admitting a person to membership or office

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All the six athletes have been tested thrice each and the AFI is likely to get their fourth re- instatement test in next few days.
After this, the tables and cards will be approved by a decision of the unit to prepare for instatement of the employees.
Amongst the topics discussed are the advocacy by gunners for the instatement mathematical, instruments, and behaviors into the field of artillery; the British subjugation of Ireland as a trigger for instrumental use of rapid cadastral surveying by circumferentor and chain; the role of the military telegraph in the creation of the US National Weather Service; archaeological investigation of the 19th century US ordnance testing site, the Sandy Hook Proving Grounds; and comparative British and French attitudes towards scientific development of gyrocompasses during the period between World Wars I and II.
Finally, the district argued against the judge's instatement order, denial of a reduction in damages, and attorneys' fees award.
Raymond is seeking instatement after the USTA named Serena Williams to play doubles instead of her.
With the expansion of the Tate network, Nittve's instatement at Bank-side, and several new curatorial appointments, it is inevitable that some squaring off over turf will take place.
After which, the Presidency issued a notification of Zaman's instatement as Governor on Wednesday.
The Council also viewed the latest developments pertaining to completing governmental units that apply the Civil Service Law for procedures of implementing classification and arrangement system of jobs and instatement of employees according to provisions of the law.