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the act or process of formally admitting a person to membership or office

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Aquino will leverage his experience as the former Senior Manager of Instatement and Outbound Telemarketing at Citi Cards to increase the market dominance of V12 Group's insert media organization.
As a seasoned instatement professional, Anthony brings a wealth of expertise to V12 Group," said Paul Chachko, V12 Group's president and CEO.
The solution, it is said, is to bring forward the instatement of 50 New Labour peers, non-homophobes all, just in time for the next vote on Section 28.
World's Largest Instatement Media Provider Transforms Below-the-Line Marketing Practice with Single-Source Approach
The meeting will comprehensively present regulatory and legal strategies for compliance with the Office of the Inspector General's Program Guidance for Pharmaceutical Manufacturers, PhRMA Code and ACCME Standards, and provide in- depth tools and objectives for the instatement and development of pharmaceutical compliance programs.
Yet hours after your humiliation Ronaldo scored to win the Copa America for Brazil and earn re- instatement as the best player on the planet.
Hantho also announced that the Board of Directors today approved re- instatement of the quarterly cash dividend on the common stock which had been suspended since April 1991.
Managing Director NCCB Shahzada Ibrahim Pirzada said that they were working in different sectors like adult education, handicrafts, promoting trout fish, cooking training for women folk and allotment of residential houses on easy instatements.
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