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to admit formally into membership or office, as with ritual

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Last month, the UAE had lifted the ban which was instated based on a notification from the World Organisation for Animal Health about the registration of highly pathogenic avian influenza in the Republic of Bulgaria last October.
While such changes to the tax code are far from being instated, Senator Hillary Clinton, speaking on January 10 at the Corcoran Group's 2005 award ceremony, held at the Ziegfeld Theater, stressed how important it was for the real estate industry to join the fight against such tax reform.
Kolbrener's point is that the opposite camps in Milton criticism force each other to take up positions that depend for their coherency on what they oppose, thus failing to take into account a Milton who can hold apparent opposites together, rigorous opposites being, we are assured, artifacts of Enlightenment reason: "the oppositions instated in the historiography of the Enlightenment West (in which mythos and logos, reason and authority are antithetically opposed) inform a criticism where extremes are continually celebrated or condemned, and set polemically against one another" (109).
Price appreciation to our near-term valuation target, coupled with the recently instated $0.
Alfonzo stresses that during Chavez's seven years he has increased the government's military budget, instated a "gag" law to control information, seized control of congress, and in legitimizing his ideological revolution, has polarized the country.
Arbitration update: Arbitration for Raymond's bid to be instated onto the Olympic team will happen the week of Aug.