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to admit formally into membership or office, as with ritual

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At Virginia's 15 four-year schools, the average annual instate tuition and all mandatory fees come to $7,582, up 7 percent from 2007-08, according to the report, which also lists figures from the community college system and Richard Bland College.
Active-duty members will continue to be eligible for instate tuition rates in Virginia by using the Tuition Assistance education benefit.
9 [cents] for state-to-state calls, but fails to list the price for instate calls, which can cost as much as 19.
The fact that sales of the same product by instate sellers with offices, stores or other business locations in the state to the same resident customers would require that sales tax be charged, is simply a choice in the form of doing business.
Customers were notified in late August that instate long distance rates were increasing beginning July 8, setting off complaints to the Oklahoma Corporation Commission and to the company that they were not timely notified.
Indeed, discrimination by way of separate limitation periods that favor instate corporations raises substantial questions under the equal protection and due process provisions of the U.
That will boost tuition and fees for instate students at RIC to $5,771 annually starting this fall, and to $3,091 annually at CCRI.
It will establish new standards of excellence for instate shopping, from the mix and brands of the stores to the center's visual attractiveness, convenience and people-friendly design.
With the rollback, instate undergraduate commuter students will pay $5,612, white undergrads living on campus will pay $12,784.
The investment is part of New York State Comptroller Alan Hevesi's instate investment program, "helping New York's home-grown businesses expand while providing a strong return for the Fund.
But a year after the hospital was ordered to re- instate Dr Awotona, she has still not returned to her post.
The bulletin provides that instate repair services performed by independent contractors under an unrelated manufacturer's warranty create nexus for out-of-state sellers of computer and peripheral equipment.
Hayes-Bautista quells fears that California's instate tuition decision will result in providing education at a less expensive rate to a "limitless pool" of illegal-immigrant students.
This boost would come from an estimated 12,000 additional visitors to the state each year, drawn to vacation here by such a trail system, and activities spurred by a growing number of instate snowmobilers.
Many states are examining their statutes to determine whether they can assert jurisdiction to impose an income tax on companies that merely allow instate use of their intangibles.