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a representation of an idea in the form of an instance of it

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Armstrong holds the supervenience theory of instantiation, namely, that the instantiation of universals by particulars supervenes upon what particulars and what universals there are, where supervenience is stipulated to be explanatory or dependent supervenience.
An instantiation of the variables that satisfies all the constraints is a solution of the CSP.
Interface methods formally guarantee that the correct interface protocol and connectivity is in place at instantiation.
Now, while a hierarchical understanding of the human good does affirm that the goods that human beings pursue are heterogeneous in character, considered both generically and as instantiations of different kinds of good (and thus agrees with any condemnation of commensurability), it rejects the view that refuses to evaluate (noninstrumental) human goods as better and worse.
Board Member and Instantiations CEO, Mike Taylor along with
a structure for describing the instantiation and connectivity of components or component models within a design
RioMagic eliminates the need for spreadsheets to manage I/O sequencing by automatically inserting these cells during initial cell instantiation.
On May 9 in Tokyo, Japan the IPsphere Forum's Reference Implementation Working Group staged a working instantiation of IPsphere mediated next generation, structured video services to leading Asia Pacific network, content, and application service providers.
The service provider must achieve - The design, the construction of a technical platform for processing of business processes,- The instantiation of business processes such as business start-up formalities, application Realtor card and shopping street maps, the declaration of apprenticeship contracts- Instantiation of applications for authorization of activities that would be entrusted to the ICC in the future.
With the increasing entrenchment of the settlers in the occupied West Bank undermining hopes for a viable "two-state solution" to the Israeli-Palestine conflict, there have been increasing calls to resolve the issue through the instantiation of a single binational state for both Israelis and Palestinians that would incorporate Israel within the 1967 borders together with the occupied territories of Gaza and the West Bank.
Also offers high-speed multiplier instantiation for RTAX-DSP applications
The contributors propose an adaptive node refinement collocation method for partial differential equations, enhanced management of encrypted data in databases, a component library for Matlab neural networks, and instantiation semantics for message sequence charts.
Ever since mass production stripped the artwork of its religious aura, words have lost much of the luster of their "flesh," that is their physical instantiation in book-form that found its natural expression in the illuminated manuscript.
Both structures, like the Beinecke and the Morgan and the British Library and the Bibliotheque Nationale de France (old and new) and the New York Public Library and the Deutsche Bucherei in Leipzig, stood in the exhibition as emptied monuments, relics of an era that believed in the instantiation of knowledge and its collective pursuit, only to see both--knowledge and collectivity--dispersed into an endless flow of dematerialized code.
The importance of the son of the man has little to do with its historical instantiation, he says.