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a representation of an idea in the form of an instance of it

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If instantiation B could only be produced by destroying instantiation A, and A and B are rationally incommensurable as teleological ends, neither A nor B is rationally superior to the other as instantiations of good.
At times, however, the author implies an immediate transparency between the writing of texts and the instantiation of the autonomous gendered subjects they depict that might have been nuanced by such a discussion, as when she concludes categorically that "writing one's self.
It shows--in a sense to be made precise--that for local tree queries the possible instantiations of the reflexive descendants of a variable x [element of] fr(Q) in answers only depend on the instantiation of x, but not on the instantiation of the ancestors of x in Q.
Instantiation of a component also results in instantiation of its anchors.
In addition a relation is also described by its type, which may be Inheritance, Association, Aggregation, or Instantiation.
3) Consequently, when we reach instantiation level i (variables up to [V.
If so, why can't a perfect instantiation of the Form of Ugliness draw us closer to the divine?
The primary purpose of any physical instantiation of a work is to convey an intellectual conception from the creator to others.
med and AGFA ORBIS), the external or internal instantiation of a scanning process with storage in a secure, certified long-term archive, as well as the integration of web-based access The patient records from the two KIS procedures of the SKHAL.
The topics include generating scenario traces for model creation in smart environments, the potential for augmented reality in education, intelligent systems learning from their mistakes, white knights of the smart city, and the physical instantiation of virtual people and components in physical mixed-reality tele-presence environments.
Specific topics include the instantiation of consumerism into youth health education, female hip hop music as an alternative site of sex education, the conflation of consumer and citizen in television advertising directed at youth, automobile marketing that connects material acquisition with social status, Chick-fil-A's corporate-Christian fundamentalist character education program for public schools, and the privatization of disaster relief efforts.
The Operator Theory of Instantiation, PETER FORREST
3) Each hybrid normative property H has two key features: (i) it is part of the (constitutive immediate) essence of H that some natural property G grounds H's instantiation and (ii) it is part of the essence of H that H grounds the instantiation of some sui generis normative property F.
The acronym JONATHAN which stands for 'Just On Negative Assignment To Harm Nigerians' is a negative instantiation of social sanction (a category of judgement) of condemnation of the candidacy of President Jonathan.
This phase, usually referred to as grounding or instantiation, solves a complex problem.