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represent by an instance

find an instance of (a word or particular usage of a word)

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VST enables data center operators to instantiate high performance virtual switches on the fly, providing relief from an entire class of problems that plague the enterprise data center.
Vasari's whole historiographical project seems to Eriksen to instantiate a ""work of epic scope and intention.
This causes the CGI program to instantiate and the server will attach the standard output file handle of the CGI program to the socket connection back to the browser.
It is proposed that connective processes are organized not by space-time parameters, but by semantic parameters (such as semantic proximity), which instantiate nonlocal connections between distant semantic fields.
Both instantiate the forms of their objects, but in different ways because each has a different nature in relation to matter, and each captures a different aspect of the ontology of sensible forms.
Yet Davis tries, maybe even a little too hard, to instantiate meaning.
Stillar's textual analysis process is structured to help practitioners of discourse analysis who are looking for ways to instantiate the work of Kenneth Burke, among others.
Thereafter, we design and analyze an approach to instantiate the model with patient data, resulting in information-need templates that are able to represent patient-related information needs.
But Payne argues that Vitruvius was now absorbed into the discourse, and that Palladio was more concerned with the relation of architecture to nature, as a realm of necessity that buildings should echo and even instantiate as much as possible.
Document a guide for vendors to write "providers" to instantiate the information in the common model.
The compressed paraphrase required in a 701-word review cannot do justice to the subtlety, evidential suggestiveness, and wide learning that her discussions of individual works instantiate.
This combination allows F5 iApps to be leveraged by NSX, and to be consumed as vendor templates that F5 customers can instantiate with application-specific parameters.