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represent by an instance

find an instance of (a word or particular usage of a word)

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The thrust of the passage is that we should strive to instantiate the ideal state no matter the odds.
If the organization firmware can guarantee the demanded resources in the partition contract, it commands the organization task to instantiate and adapt interior software and communication in the partition.
Moreover, contrary to appearances generated by instances with true premises and true conclusion, all arguments that instantiate an invalid argument form are invalid (of course all arguments that instantiate a valid argument form are valid).
In order for the CGI program to instantiate, the client browser must make a request for the image.
The model proposes that progress toward more expert-like task behavior can be assessed by measuring change in the automaticity with which the knowledge to instantiate and perform task behaviors is accessed.
This will instantiate as a causal relation "this ball's momentum caused that ball's momentum", even if they had never collided.
To see the point, and to bring the entire variable structure closer to view, observe that multiple realization correlates a higher-level property F in one-many fashion with a range of base properties G through H such that, minimally, it is possible for an instance of F to be subserved by an instance of G and not H, and on another occasion, H and not G (a particular system could instantiate the adding function (F) by activating a neural cell assembly (G) and not an Intel 80486 microprocessor (H), and vice versa).
Given a structure resulting from conceptualizing, the design environment should help (a) repopulate it with existing information or (b) instantiate it with new information (automatically or manually).
Those human actions that are right implement or instantiate the laws; for example, a just action gives to someone what the laws insist he deserves.
In this paper, we conceptualize an approach to design science classroom discourse toward doing science and instantiate the conceptualization with a game-based learning program.
Stillar's textual analysis process is structured to help practitioners of discourse analysis who are looking for ways to instantiate the work of Kenneth Burke, among others.
Thereafter, we design and analyze an approach to instantiate the model with patient data, resulting in information-need templates that are able to represent patient-related information needs.
Document a guide for vendors to write "providers" to instantiate the information in the common model.
The compressed paraphrase required in a 701-word review cannot do justice to the subtlety, evidential suggestiveness, and wide learning that her discussions of individual works instantiate.
7) Hence, the items of gold all instantiate three natural kinds -- the naturally occurring isotope of gold, gold and metal.