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Synonyms for instantaneously



Synonyms for instantaneously

without any delay

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Dr Rajan said that we do not have a magic wand to make the problems disappear instantaneously.
The album was recorded in three days in April and released instantaneously on the Web.
At the Curie-Point, the relative permeability of the sample carrier falls suddenly and the status changes instantaneously from ferromagnetic to paramagnetic.
The new system, which consists of the FCR CAPSULA image scanner and the FCR CAPSULA VIEW image processor, digitizes images and instantaneously displays the captured images.
Thanks to popular science fiction, it's easy to imagine teleportation, in which a person's molecules disassemble in one place and instantaneously reassemble across the room or the universe.
A graduate student at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology has invented a hand-held electronic device that can instantaneously tell a consumer whether the manufacturer of a product is a "good corporate citizen.
Pulp screens would plug quickly if it were not for rotor elements that pass over the apertures and instantaneously backflush the pulp accumulations.
ii) receives and instantaneously transfers title to the underlying asset, by operation of contract and without taking or making physical delivery of the asset; or
Hawaii's Kuakini Medical Center applies storage technology in this way, backing up radiological images, training videos, patient medical records and research data to Sony's tape-based PetaSite system library, which remains instantaneously available to every user.
e/pop provides these agencies with the ability to send critical notifications instantaneously in real-time to personnel located in geographically dispersed offices about impending emergencies, important meeting notices and other memoranda.
Minneapolis, MN) has patented a method for instantaneously stimulating a mammalian heart.
Through the use of sophisticated database design, it instantaneously provides access to a wide range of personalized benefits information online, helping employees understand and make better use of their benefits plans.
All Brentwood products are designed to operate seamlessly with Windows [R]-based electronic medical records, allowing patient data to be instantaneously documented electronically.
Wood makes luscious movement and is theatrically clever, using split rear panels to fill the stage instantaneously with dancers.
Word that the nation's employers had added many fewer jobs to their payrolls than expected in October spread almost instantaneously.