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  • adj

Synonyms for instantaneous

Synonyms for instantaneous

occurring at once

Synonyms for instantaneous

occurring with no delay


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Its effect on Reginald justifies some portion of vanity, for it was no less favourable than instantaneous.
The priest sat down within a yard or two, and Muscari turned his aquiline nose on him in an instantaneous irritation.
I felt the blood rush into my face for the first time, but it was only an instantaneous emotion.
Below them, the roads, intersected by "nullahs," a sort of instantaneous torrent, were soon rendered impracticable, entangled as they were, besides, with thorny thickets and gigantic lianas, or creeping vines.
The effect of this sudden action upon the company was instantaneous.
And yet there was the dead man and there the revolver bullet, which had mushroomed out, as soft-nosed bullets will, and so inflicted a wound which must have caused instantaneous death.
At Fred's last words she felt an instantaneous pang, something like what a mother feels at the imagined sobs or cries of her naughty truant child, which may lose itself and get harm.
There was not even an instant's hesitation upon the part of the latter--it was as though he had not even paused in his swift progress through the trees, so lightning-like his survey and comprehension of the scene below him--so instantaneous his consequent action.
The transformation from an English gentleman, impelled by the most humanitarian motives, to that of a wild beast crouching in the concealment of a dense bush ready to spring upon its approaching prey, was instantaneous.
And to add confusion to confusion, there was the servant, an unceasing menace, that appeared noiselessly at his shoulder, a dire Sphinx that propounded puzzles and conundrums demanding instantaneous solution.
When the doctor came he said that death had been instantaneous and probably painless, caused in all likelihood by some sudden shock.
An instantaneous and strong impulse moved him to battle with his desperate fate.
The last trace of his previous state of mind vanished, as the instantaneous and elusive trail of a bursting meteor vanishes on the profound blackness of the sky; it was the faint flicker of a painful thought, gone as soon as perceived, that nothing but her presence--after all--had the power to recall him to himself.
It's the principle of the pneumatic instantaneous shutter for a camera lens.
Perhaps there was something in that sound more than the mere fact of the strong vibration that produced the instantaneous effect on the frame of the prostrate man, and for the time completely shook off the obstruction of paralysis.
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