instant replay

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the immediate rebroadcast of some action (especially sports action) that has been recorded on videotape

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MOBILE VIDEO - EXPANDED INSTANT REPLAY At Bat has been advancing the user experience for HD quality mobile video since that 2008 launch when the app "only" included in-progress highlights.
Much like all those calls in the NFL and NBA that were overturned, history would likely have forgotten Joyce, had MLB had instant replay in place.
The NBA becomes the third of the four major American professional sports to adopt instant replay, the others being the National Football League and the National Hockey League.
In response to requests for simpler tools and more automation, Compellent is broadening its support with today's launch of the Server Instant Replay wizard.
Tony Verna created what we today can't live without when he invented instant replay.
No replays: The Big Ten is experimenting with instant replays for its nonconference games but not everyone went along with the idea, especially teams from the West.
Over the past five seasons, DVSport has provided the ACC with excellent service as our instant replay provider," said Swofford.
Doesn't matter,'' said Viola Tozier, bartender of the Instant Replay sports bar in Canoga Park, where regulars this week cast aspersions on their former team.
5, Thin Replication is delivered via two software applications, Remote Instant Replay and Enterprise Manager.
But baseball remains the lone major American sport without instant replay.
In addition, a standard telephone instant replay of the conference call is available by dialing (303) 590-3000, followed by the passcode 11067664 #.
9 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- The National Football League (NFL) is kicking off a new era in officiating as preseason football gets underway this week - marking the first time referees in any major sports league will use high-definition (HD) instant replay systems to review close calls.
In the wake of several controversies over last-second shots this past season, including two involving the Lakers, the league has all but formally decided to institute the use of instant replay, beginning next year.
Ramesh Raskar will present Instant Replay, a real-world, slow-motion instant replay for table game air-hockey.