instant replay

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the immediate rebroadcast of some action (especially sports action) that has been recorded on videotape

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There's no instant replay on your broadcast when it's live and you miss a shot or cue.
night and say, "By degrees, we need to embrace instant replay, as we're behind the times.
Using Server Instant Replay, customers can save approximately $2,800 in hardware and administrative costs per server in the first year of operation, and save more than $166,000 to deploy and maintain 25 servers over three years.
In those circumstances, the game officials will now have the use of instant replay to assist them in making the correct call.
The Big Ten will experiment with instant replay for one season.
Remote Instant Replay starts at $15,000 per site to add replication capabilities to an existing Compellent SAN.
The Instant Replay, Yankee Doodles and BJ's Restaurant & Brewery in Woodland Hills, Weber's Place in Reseda, Champs in Burbank, Sportsmen's Lodge in Studio City, the Canyon Club in Agoura Hills and sports bars around the Valley each expect a large turnout of Tampa Bay and Raiders fans.
You see it in football, even with instant replay, it's not 100 percent.
Ramesh Raskar will present Instant Replay, a real-world, slow-motion instant replay for table game air-hockey.
In the wake of several controversies over last-second shots this past season, including two involving the Lakers, the league has all but formally decided to institute the use of instant replay, beginning next year.
It'll be here on Saturday: We're going to have a winner,'' exclaimed Shirley Dolan, feisty bartender at the Instant Replay bar in Canoga Park, where a line of suds helped lubricate a nine-patron Lotto pool.
MINNEAPOLIS -- Compellent Technologies, a provider of affordable and modular enterprise storage solutions, today announced AHC, a leading healthcare receivables management company, has selected Compellent's Storage Center(TM) storage area network (SAN) with Remote Instant Replay for multi-site replication and affordable disaster recovery.
This is how dangerous and destructive instant replay as an officiating tool is:
Officials huddle to get the calls right, or in the case of football and hockey, can use instant replay.
Instant replay remains the single worst idea since the advent of community property.