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Synonyms for instancy

the quickness of action or occurrence

the quality of being insistent

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In an era of instancy and do-it-now mantra, the focus on customer experience and customer engagement in our brand services will demarcate the running, from the also-rans.
But with unhurrying chase, And unperturbed pace, Deliberate speed, majestic instancy, They beat More instant than the Feet "All things betray thee, who betrayest Me.
We gave Pidy Gold because of the simplicity of the concept, its versatility, its instancy and the thought which had been put behind dispensing the product,' said the judges.
In view of these considerations, in our approach, ideology would be the instancy that organises social representations, and the latter in turn would organise attitudes.
It is hard to describe but I love the instancy of juggling and watching people's reaction to it.
It is their electronic linkage that keeps pictures, sounds, and data continually coursing on a nonstop, high-speed track, saturating our environment with instancy.