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Synonyms for instalment



Synonyms for instalment

a part of a broadcast serial

the act of installing something (as equipment)

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The previous bill had been approved by parliament on April 14 but it was amended by opposition parties, which raised the number of instalments to 60 from 36.
The president argued that the increase in the number of instalments would affect the sustainability of the fund.
2005, whereby the remaining instalments were to be paid by the new owner (purchaser).
In fact he never fully owned even these two properties as he was paying instalments.
However it will increase demand on car payments through direct instalments, rather than through bank loans, to overcome the new restrictions.
Some companies that offer car payments in instalments operate through banks, working as a liaison between banks and customers.
Many corporations simply pay monthly instalments based on the previous year's results (Option 2), but this could prove costly in some situations.
2 million in each of the last two taxation years (and total tax of $324,000 each year), but you expect a significant drop in this year's income so that tax payable will only be $60,000, using Option 1 would require you to pay monthly instalments of $5,000.
The period between each instalment cannot exceed three months, and the director-general is authorised to alter the value of the instalments or period, if needed.
Instalments can be delayed only if the applicant settles the payments within the period specified.
Dubai: Shaikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai and Chairman of Dubai Executive Council, has issued a resolution allowing instalment of fines due to the Government of Dubai.
The schedule has been revised to facilitate the allotees in making payment of instalments.
As per revised schedule of payment, the allotees can make payment of first instalment till February, 28, 2014, second instalment till April, 30, 2014, third instalment till June, 30, 2014, fourth instalment till August, 31, 2014, fifth instalment till October , 31, 2014 and 6th instalment till December, 31, 2014.
00 per unit, were sold on an instalment receipt basis.
The trust units and warrants of the Fund, initially represented by instalment receipts, are listed on The Toronto Stock Exchange under the trading symbol FAI.