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Synonyms for instalment



Synonyms for instalment

a part of a broadcast serial

the act of installing something (as equipment)

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Parliament on Thursday unanimously passed a bill allowing the payment of overdue social insurance contributions through 54 monthly instalments instead of the 48 proposed by the government.
A person will be considered as having reneged on the agreement if he or she does not keep up with the instalments scheme after three months, not two months as in the original draft bill.
In fact he never fully owned even these two properties as he was paying instalments.
Option 3--Pay l/4th of the second preceding year's tax liability (second instalment base) for the first instalment and, for the remaining three payments, l/3rd of the difference between the first instalment base and the first payment.
As they say, "cash is king," and considering your tax payment instalment options can sometimes help ease the pain a bit, especially if your company is experiencing lower income than in prior years due to, for example, a business downturn.
The resolution No 47 of 2014 stipulates that the director-general, secretary-general, executive director or their deputies in a Dubai Government body can approve the payment of fines in instalments.
Instalments can be delayed only if the applicant settles the payments within the period specified.
Automotive sector officials expects the Central Bank of Egypt's (CBE) new regulations on retail banking to increase the demand for direct instalments by 10%-15%.
00 instalment payments, the first of which was paid by investors on May 1, 1997.
the "Manager"), manager of the Shiningbank Energy Income Fund (the "Fund"), today announced its quarterly distribution to holders of Instalment Receipts.
The purchase price of $15 per Unit is payable on an instalment basis and, prior to payment of the final instalment, the Units will be represented by instalment receipts.
00 per unit, were sold on an instalment receipt basis.
23, 1996--OPTUS (TSE:OPT) OPTUS Natural Gas Distribution Income Fund ("OPTUS") announced today that it has received firm commitments for its previously announced $35 million offering of Special Warrants exercisable into instalment receipts of OPTUS.
the "Manager"), manager of the Shiningbank Energy Income Fund (the "Fund"), today announced the first distribution to holders of Instalment Receipts.
As per the sources, two SBA instalments and one SDR charges were due during this month.