installment plan

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a system for paying for goods by installments

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After 1915, many personal finance loans enabled debtors to pay off retail installment plan obligations.
INCENTIVE: Linda Norris's paintings can now be bought by collectors on an interest-free installment plan
In 1997, when the company launched the new system, existing employees referred to new employees who chose the monthly installment plan as "a bunch of traitors.
The VFW Life Membership Installment Plan is simple.
Gray explained the installment plan and a "value pricing" plan for multiyear memberships in a letter to chapters.
In determining that the commissions were ordinary and necessary, the court considered that a vehicle dealership's business encompasses a wide range of activities beyond vehicle sales; the financing of sales on an installment plan was a familiar aspect of a dealership's business and the offer of credit insurance on such sales was related to the financing.
The betrayed lover's characterizing her lover as a layaway man and giving their love the status of an installment plan demonstrate the woman's understanding of the insignificant role she has played in her lover's life.
Fortunately, the IRS will allow you to pay the additional taxes on the installment plan.
The result of buying off trouble," she characteristically lectured, is "simply decline on the installment plan.
The installment plan can be extended if they fail to find employment or continue to have low income.
The AT&T Receivables Funding, LLC trust pools consist of 100% device installment plan agreements that are originated and serviced by AT&T Mobility.
They can also avail zero per cent installment plan up to 12 months across participating partners.
The device must be purchased with T-Mobile's Equipment Installment Plan, the company said.
For T-Mobile customers looking for an affordable, entry-level smartphone thats full of features, the Coolpad Defiant is now available online and at participating T-Mobile stores nationwide for just $4 down and $4 a month on T-Mobiles Equipment Installment Plan (FRP: $100).
The CJP said that NAB provided installment plan for culprits after cutting a deal with them.