installment debt

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debt to be paid by installments

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Indicators for unemployment spells in both waves of the survey are also included, as are changes in family income, changes in home equity and changes in net worth between 2007 and 2009, total level of household debt in 2007, and indicators for saving any amount in 2007, presence of noneducation installment debt, presence of credit card debt, and owning any stocks in 2007.
When someone takes on additional installment debt in their late working years or early retirement, they have less money available for retirement savings and monthly expenses which makes it harder to save enough to eventually replace their income.
In terms of financial factors, students, on average, held less than $1,000 in automobile loan debt and no installment debt.
With respect to the types of debt held, there has been a shift away from installment debt and towards credit card and mortgage debt, especially since 1992 and more so for constrained households.
For 1977, percentage of families with closed-end installment debt outstanding; for 1981, 1994, and 1997, percentage of families that had incurred closed-end installment debt in the past year; for 2001, percentage of holders of bank-type credit cards who had acquired a new card in the previous year.
1987) also referenced the life cycle hypothesis in a discussion of consumer installment debt.
This is consistent with increases in consumer spending on durable goods being financed by consumer installment debt.
said that despite good employment trends, he is concerned that low savings rates, a small drop in consumer confidence and high levels of installment debt will eventually curtail retail spending.
As shown in Figure 1, while debt service has risen lately, it was not as high as the ratio of consumer installment debt to income and did not reach at a new peak in 1996.
Hendricks and others report the highest ratios of installment debt to income for middle-income families.
In December of 1990, MIDA elected to purchase a prime rate cap against other amortizing installment debt it used to acquire another company in California.
Use of private annuities and self-canceling installment debt in stock succession planning do not provide for retained right features (Sec.
Over half of these families (53%) have installment debt whose typical amount was $13,500.