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a payment of part of a debt

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a part of a broadcast serial

the act of installing something (as equipment)

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Galaxy S9+ 64 GB can be purchased for EGP 17,300 in cash, or on a six-month installment plan for EGP 3,273 per month, or a nine-month instalment plan for EGP 2,312 per month.
In enacting and implementing the Maceda Law, the government seeks to protect buyers of real estate on installment payments against onerous and oppressive conditions.
Tribal Installment Loans' has offered installment loans through online transactions, allowing borrowers receive as much as USD1000, available as soon as the next business day, the company said.
The banks management has said that the second and last installment will not be released unless State Bank and ministry of finance issue such directives in writing.
1, the BDDK banned installment plans for food, gasoline, telecommunications and jewelry purchases and limited installments to a maximum of nine months for all other purchases, in accordance with new credit card regulations.
The company commenced its operations in January this year, and since then, Gulf Installments has already provided Shariah-compliant installment and leasing to more than 15 businesses where the average deal size is SR 2 million to 3 million.
Following the success of Shu's subsidiary Gulf Finance Corporation in the UAE, Gulf Installments Company, the new Saudi-based installment company focused on providing installment and lease financing to businesses across a variety of sectors and assets will be operated by Gulf Finance under a management contract with SHU.
Although installment sales are used as an estate planning device, their primarily utility is in income tax planning.
If the stated interest rate on an installment sale note is not "fair market" in the eyes of the IRS, the IRS may input a fair interest rate.
A number of auto trade centers have recently introduced the installment method.
Under provisions enacted since 1996, taxpayers may request administrative review of IRS decisions to terminate installment agreements; taxpayers may appeal rejections of proposed installment agreements; and the IRS must accept proposed installment agreements in certain circumstances.
A question arose on the TaxTalk list-serve regarding California tax implications when a California resident is about to sell a California corporation's stock via an installment sale, but will be moving out of state "to avoid the California tax on the sale.
A self-canceling installment note (SCIN) is a debt obligation that by its terms is extinguished at the death of the seller-creditor, with the remaining note balance canceled automatically.
By 1890, the nation's estimated $11 trillion in private debt was segmented along social class lines: while the urban working class turned to pawnbrokers, small-loan agencies, and marginal retailers selling furniture or clothing on the installment plan, middleclass clients patronized more respectable building and loan associations for five-year mortgages for the construction of residential homes.
Increase Withholding To Avoid The Imposition Of An Underpayment Penalty: Individuals who have underpaid an estimated tax installment are subject to a nondeductible penalty.