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Synonyms for inspissation

the process of thickening by dehydration

the act of thickening

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Rowson (1992) attributed poor muscle tone and chronic food inspissation as contributory factors without any defect in buccinators muscle for formation of buccal diverticulum in a very old man.
31) On CT, the polyps are usually hypodense or isodense in appearance;foci of increased attenuation may be seen with inspissation or superimposed fungal sinusitis (Figure 11).
so we don't necessarily notice that the word "daffodils" acquires a certain prominence as the terminal word of a line, and is paused with a comma, but he means to suggest that the alliteration there is different from the inspissation or thickening of the Swinburne lines where triple alliteration allegedly renders the snowdrops insubstantial.
a) Assessment of the extent of inspissation of the Meibomian glands
The plant extract was incorporated in the medium at concentration of 2 per cent v/v and 4 per cent v/v (2 ml and 4 ml of fresh plant extract was dissolved into 100 ml of culture medium) prior to inspissation.