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the process of thickening by dehydration

the act of thickening

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a) Assessment of the extent of inspissation of the Meibomian glands
The plant extract was incorporated in the medium at concentration of 2 per cent v/v and 4 per cent v/v (2 ml and 4 ml of fresh plant extract was dissolved into 100 ml of culture medium) prior to inspissation.
The volume also includes brief information on meat and plant extracts, growth factors, selective components, pH buffers, differential components, preparation of media, autoclaving, tyndallization, inspissation, filtration, and hazardous components.
Contents: John Wilson Yamamoto, "Catholic Literature and the Rise of Anglicanism"; Peter Milward, "Shakespeare's Inspissation," "Shakespeare's Sacred Fools," "Shakespeare's Sermon," "Shakespeare's 'Miracles' in the Context of Religious Controversy," and "Notice-Board.
Similar histochemical reactions in the dense platelike secretions and crystalloid morphology confirm our morphologic observation, and we speculate that the loss of acidity of secretions (compared to fluidlike secretions, which are acidic) provides a trigger for inspissation and subsequent crystallization.