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cheerfully encouraging


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The book concludes by examining the role of African religious practices in inspiriting slave rebelliousness in 1843-44.
But Mirga gave us an inspiriting reading of this uneven symphony, turned her orchestra to acknowledge gallery applause, and urged us to be "proud of this city and this incredible orchestra".
Some such suggestions as these, at least, are certainly called for to counterbalance the tone of writing and expression which lately prevails in select society, with reference to the principle of physical combats for superiority--as if there were not something inspiriting and honorable in such a contest, as in others which involve different leading talents and powers of humanity.
Here we have a bright and beautiful sky, here we have a genial and inspiriting climate which makes life an ever-existing pleasure.
He loved the way nature ceaselessly encroached on civilization: "There is something indescribably inspiriting and beautiful in the aspect of the forest skirting and occasionally jutting into the midst of new towns.
Trusting Impro to invent a long, inspiriting story has become one of my life's most reliable enjoyments.
com is proud to give to this inspiriting and worthy cause.
Serving international bites and inspiriting cocktails, the 40Kong ambiance will develop throughout the night creating an indulgent environment for dining, lounging and spending time with friends in style.
As Pat put it when describing the historical process of inspiriting rights frameworks, "[t]he making of something out of nothing took immense alchemical fire.
for intellectuals such as Li, it was the power of mass movement demonstrated by russia that was so inspiriting for China: In the course of this world mass movement, all the refuse of history which stand in the path of the new movement - such as emperors, nobles, warlords, bureaucrats, militarism and capitalism - will certainly be destroyed.
This 60th anniversary of the Clinical Center, the NIH's beating heart, is inspiriting and depressing: Public health is being enhanced -- rapidly, yet unnecessarily slowly -- by NIH-supported research here, and in hundreds of institutions across the country, into new drugs, devices and treatments.
His descriptions of creativity and spirituality are even less inspiriting than this.
For me, there were several experiences that were both moving and inspiriting.
The fact of his personal story of being half black and all that is a wonderful, inspiriting story.