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a whistling sound when breathing (usually heard on inspiration)

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Throughout the follow-up period, inspiratory stridor was only noted during an upper respiratory infection, without associated respiratory distress.
On arrival, she was not distressed but had obvious inspiratory stridor.
A DOCTORS use the term croup to describe a group of breathing difficulties in children characterised by a dry, barking cough, hoarseness and inspiratory stridor, which is a harsh noise on breathing in, indicating partial blockage of the airway.
The patient was alert but appeared toxic and had inspiratory stridor and a muffled voice.
List of likely characterizations of breath sounds included on the form used in the present study Inspiratory stridor No stridor Expiratory stridor Stertor (snoring) Positional stridor Wheezing Biphasic stridor Hoarseness Table 2.
Auscultation of the chest demonstrated good alveolar air entry without wheezing and auscultation of the larynx revealed loud inspiratory stridor.
Physical examination revealed mild inspiratory stridor with oxygen saturation of 100% on room air.
Her respiratory status deteriorated acutely within minutes and she developed inspiratory stridor with a decreasing level of consciousness.
Her voice became hoarse and then muffled, and she developed moderate inspiratory stridor.
Other names for PVCM include episodic laryngeal dyskinesia, Munchausen's stridor, factitious asthma, functional inspiratory stridor, emotional laryngismus and vocal cord dysfunction (5,6).
A 2-month-old girl was admitted with inspiratory stridor and respiratory distress.
Transient mild inspiratory stridor developed 10 minutes after the operation.
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