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To confess the truth, it was my greatest apprehension -- as it would never be a measure of policy to turn out so quiet an individual as myself; and it being hardly in the nature of a public officer to resign -- it was my chief trouble, therefore, that I was likely to grow grey and decrepit in the Surveyorship, and become much such another animal as the old Inspector.
One of the policemen described how they had found Smilash in the act of entering his dwelling; how he had refused to give any information or to go to the college, and had defied them to take him there against his will; and how, on their at last proposing to send for the inspector and Mr.
But the inspector was by this time incapable of speaking a word.
Two soldiers were accordingly sent for, and the inspector descended a stairway, so foul, so humid, so dark, as to be loathsome to sight, smell, and respiration.
I am sorry to say that we have made very little progress," said the Inspector.
Rather a joke, Bunny: the man whose house I've taken is one of her Majesty's inspectors of prisons, and his study's a storehouse of criminology.
The trim Inspector Martin, the old, gray-headed country doctor, myself, and a stolid village policeman made up the rest of that strange company.
The reporters were the only people who were really happy, with the exception, perhaps of Inspector Jacks, who had a weakness for a difficult case.
They landed me at Vauxhall, with my heavy iron box, and with a bluff, genial inspector as my companion.
The inspector, who had preserved impenetrable propriety, immediately went up to him.
Hale was at the telephone, warning the Inspector of the impending murder.
The station-master, however, was there himself, with an inspector in attendance.
Chief Inspector Heat of the Special Crimes Department changed his tone.
It appears to have knocked your friend over--knocked him completely off his legs,' Mr Inspector remarked, when he had finished his summing up.
We were ushered into a small chamber where a police Inspector noted down our prisoner's name and the names of the men with whose murder he had been charged.
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