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continual and persistent demands


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The county is also insisting that any material that makes the department look bad get dumped from the final broadcast.
What I am suggesting is that at some point, the very term "nanotechnology" will become such an overpowering buzzword that every company worth its salt will start insisting that the astounding benefits of the technology can be applied to even the most mundane commercial activity.
The Pope keeps on insisting that Christianity cannot and may not be excluded (see C.
Cheslea striker Gudjohnsen started the psychological warfare ahead of tomorrow's Hampden showdown by insisting Iceland are such underdogs they would treat victory in Glasgow like winning the World Cup.
Counter-balance the pressure by insisting on detailed written proposals that clearly describe what you'll be paying for.
Perhaps it's not surprising that some deaf people would try to come to terms with their condition by insisting that they are so happy being the way they are that they would never want to be any other way.
I went to the agricultural bank, but they demand so much paperwork, I gave up insisting," he says.
The original languages of the Bible also use different terms for singular and plural "you," yet even the most emphatic proponents of literal translation aren't insisting we go back to "thee" and "thou.
Somewhat shocked by the pervasive peep-show mentality, he's posted a few messages denouncing the picture trading by insisting it's a violation of copyright law and asking that it stop.
Robert Scott, an economist with the Economic Policy Institute, proposes a progressive international trade policy based on three basic principles: 1) pushing labor rights in trade negotiations; 2) making deals that offer debt relief or foreign aid in exchange for promises to allow collective bargaining and higher wages; and 3) insisting on balanced trade.
Instead of centering his study on such essentialist readings, Olaniyan decodes (1) the Eurocentric or colonialist discourse which argues the universality and superiority of Western European drama, which denies true dramatic traditions to Africa, and which insists on African dramatic analogies to European forms as the only acceptable evidence of drama in Africa, and (2) Afrocentric discursive practices which resist the hegemonic practices of Eurocentric drama by insisting on the necessity of "a quest for different representations," or change in the rules of the game, but which fail, nonetheless, to satisfy Olaniyan's requirements for a truly enabling dramatic discourse.
Make sure that your staff is vigilant about insisting that all riders wear the correct helmets with the harnesses fastened.
In insisting on the linguistic-mathematical backbone of the curriculum, Whitehead has already protested against the temptation toward the mere multiplication of courses; here, in insisting on a rigorous career specialization, he reinforces his original protest.
The perspective painting appears both to empower us as subjects--everything in an illusionistic painting is, after all, related to the spectator's point of view--while at the same time insisting that the structure of what we see depends on objective principles that are quite independent of our subjectivity.
In any Arab capital, (not just Baghdad), would security officers allow me the right to be stubborn and tenacious in insisting on my rights?