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Synonyms for insistency

the state or quality of being insistent

urgent solicitation

Synonyms for insistency

the state of demanding notice or attention

the act of insisting on something


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Therefore, the final distillation of lyrics is based on their insistency.
Babacan underlined this insistency once again at the financial summit, saying that the government has never compromised on fiscal discipline during elections and won't compromise this time, either.
by HE-rriyet Daily News The reason for the deadlock in compensation talks between Turkey and Israel is the latter's insistency in redressing the damages of the Mavi Marmara victims as an ex gratia payment and not as a result of its wrongful act, a senior Turkish government official has said.
In Utrinski vesnik Ljupco Popovski analyzes the myths about investments in Macedonia and adds that the insistency is not always the way to success although the Government has set a goal to knock on everyone's door if it needs in order to bring investments back to Macedonia.
It is an example of playfulness because of the different fonts, and the tone of insistency it conveys.
For those Justices who adhere to a robust interpretation of the free speech principle, the on-again, off-again invocation of "categories" of unprotected speech may reflect a feeling of unease over the long-term resiliency of their strong version of the free speech principle, a worry that they need to invoke those categories to inoculate First Amendment doctrine against the persistent insurgency of the Chaplinsky-style insistency that only speech plausibly contributing redeeming social value to the marketplace and not corrosive of order and morality is deserving of First Amendment protection.
In the same context, German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble on Sunday reiterated his welcoming of the Spanish decision, describing it as a decision that indicates insistency of the Madrid government in doing whatever it could in order to stay out of the euro zone debt crisis.
The authors present the specifics of their theory in the first part of the book through a string of trilogies, which multiply and repeat with the insistency of a Power Point slide show.
Mutual respect was the lesson the old culture intended: not always learned, not always practiced when learned; nevertheless, taught with insistency by parents and churches.
The Chilean institutions have been effective in circumventing the two commonly encountered problems with respect to fiscal discipline: (a) the common pool problem - lack of centralized budget decision-making which allows particular groups to lobby for public sector actions to their own benefit without internalizing the associated costs and (b) inter-temporal problems such as time insistency issues and the resulting "deficit bias" and the so-called myopia of policy makers without adequate incentives to be concerned about the future implications of their decisions.
A political candidate doesn't mind saying "vote for me" with raucous insistency.
The Fakkah field, 300 km southeast of Baghdad, and 300 meters inside Iraq, is considered a shared field between Iran and Iraq, meaning both nations are able to pump oil from it, but the immediate problem is the insistency on either side that well No.
The oneiric is, of course, a theme that runs throughout Volodine's work (here I'm speaking of those texts published under his own name) from beginning to end, and Bassmann's Avec les moines-soldats deploys that theme with a great deal of insistency.
Sheraton designed many beautiful sideboards and bookcases, but he finished by drawing pieces that were ruined by his insistency to use characteristics of the Empire manner.
6) The tonic insistency is apparent throughout RV 670.