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Synonyms for insistency

the state or quality of being insistent

urgent solicitation

Synonyms for insistency

the state of demanding notice or attention

the act of insisting on something


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In the same context, German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble on Sunday reiterated his welcoming of the Spanish decision, describing it as a decision that indicates insistency of the Madrid government in doing whatever it could in order to stay out of the euro zone debt crisis.
The authors present the specifics of their theory in the first part of the book through a string of trilogies, which multiply and repeat with the insistency of a Power Point slide show.
The Fakkah field, 300 km southeast of Baghdad, and 300 meters inside Iraq, is considered a shared field between Iran and Iraq, meaning both nations are able to pump oil from it, but the immediate problem is the insistency on either side that well No.
The oneiric is, of course, a theme that runs throughout Volodine's work (here I'm speaking of those texts published under his own name) from beginning to end, and Bassmann's Avec les moines-soldats deploys that theme with a great deal of insistency.
Sheraton designed many beautiful sideboards and bookcases, but he finished by drawing pieces that were ruined by his insistency to use characteristics of the Empire manner.
My parents' insistency and tenacity continue to serve me well.
I came to my research topic by realizing the insistency of positive and personal relationships, if not friendships to a graduate student's success.
The human heart is so robust, so tough, that once encouraged, it beats its rhythm with a loud unswerving insistency.
When we don't get what we want, we begin to want it more and more, with ever greater insistency, until our souls are on fire with the desire for it.
We need our own conventions, a convention of procedural elements, a kind of stylization, a sort of insistency which leads inevitably to a certain kind of methodology--a methodology affirmed by the spirit.
Its sombre opening was quickly contrasted by a pulse-raising second movement with the remaining movements punctuated by strong arpeggio figures and moments of insistency and emotional strength.
net, the source added that Ahlam's insistency of being in charge led her to scream and create chaos backstage, much to the anger of Wael.