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Synonyms for insipid

Synonyms for insipid

lacking an appetizing flavor

lacking the qualities requisite for spiritedness and originality

Synonyms for insipid

lacking taste or flavor or tang

lacking interest or significance or impact


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But, the trouble is, sometimes they are right and the emperor didn't have any clothes on and the annual report was an insipid color.
Yet, time and again, I see - all judges see - entries with good, solid, professional Work Samples, and sloppy, insipid, poorly thought-out, hastily thrown-together Work Plans:
Anyone can come up with these insipid laundry lists of personality types.
The poem satirizes cowardly critics, hypocritical pedants, insipid patrons of the arts, and corrupt sycophants and caricatures Pope's contemporaries.
CREATE TITLE: Trickles of insipid music accompany the appearance of a lengthy, jargon-laden heading.
This a thriller to avoid - an insipid mix of recycled ideas with indifferent direction, terrible dialogue and an unintentionally funny soundtrack.
The insipid nature of the current pop chart is deserted by musiclovers who understand that chart success represents strength of marketing and not genuine popularity of musical worth" - Singer Morrissey.
The garden itself looked fairly insipid - and failed to win a gold from the judges - although it did, according to its designer, cost hundreds of thousands to build.
AFTER 11 eventful years in the Premier League, Boro have been relegated in the most insipid and depressing circumstances possible.
There are some standout tunes, including Look Into The Light and Brave The Storm, but the majority seem just pleasant at best and insipid at worst.
The truth of the matter is we have an insipid side managed by a poor manager and quite frankly the future of Newcastle United Football Club is looking extremely bleak.
Watford took full advantage, brushing aside an insipid Southampton 3-0 at St Mary's, while Bristol City secured their fourth straight home win as goals from Darren Byfield and Marvin Elliott helped Gary Johnson's side beat Coventry, who had given themselves hope through Dele Adebola's goal.
Jon Heder is huggable and Billy Bob Thornton brings a roguish twinkle to the eye of his suave teacher, but Jacinda Barrett is a tad insipid.
Mahonia, commonly known as Oregon grape, has shiny and spiny leaves, yellow flowers and edible, if insipid, purple fruit that attracts wildlife.