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Synonyms for insinuative

provoking a change of outlook and especially gradual doubt and suspicion

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The tense, insinuative spearheads crowding uncomplainingly in this tight fit of a vase.
Now, if the reader has come this far she is ripe for more in the way of insinuative logic, for if the distinctions postulated to this point make sense, then the distinction which follows--that separating Narrative and non-Narrative modes of self-representation--will seem to be ineluctable.
Insinuative and elusive, precious and odd, even their medium can be read equivocally.
They are insinuative, not frontal; they offer a respite from the linear, coercive discourse that characterizes much legal writing.
In "Times and Seasons," that effect is heightened by the pervasive and insinuative presence of feminine nature during the final stage of development, which suggests that the cultural influences bound to linear time can be weakened.