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shrewdness shown by keen insight

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The insightfulness of Flegel's chapter on animals and children makes this gap all the more noticeable.
Before I wow you with my insightfulness, let me review the Hornet wheel-brake system.
It is with sincere joy that I am here to commemorate and honour Francois Vincent Kiowarini whose name will forever be Inscribed in our history," said Grand Chief Konrad Sioul, who highlighted Francois' intelligence, wisdom and insightfulness.
I have known Lane County Commissioner Rob Handy for about 10 years, mostly during our years on the Neighborhood Leaders Council, where I was impressed by his kindness, his insightfulness and especially his integrity and sense of fairness in all his dealings.
Perhaps, no passage demonstrates the insightfulness of Howard
In Jonathan Romney's 1992 review of the film, for example, he accuses Allen of sharing a contempt for Sam first expressed by Gabe and then later by Jack himself: "For all its insightfulness, the film reveals Allen's fatal flaw--a terrible snobbery, directed here with unwarranted cruelty at the astrology-obsessed Sam.
She praised the insightfulness of politicians who had increased the budget enough to investigate not only every healthcare provider but also to monitor every patient for healthcare crimes.
And while the balance of powers is forcing all the sides to show insightfulness before taking any risks, what may be required is the revision of the events witnessed throughout the past months, with all their mistakes and wagers.
Embree said "Nurses must understand what constitutes lateral violence and what antecedents predispose nurses to this behavior There must be escalation of nurses' insightfulness that nurses mistreat each other Nurses allow lateral violence by failing to recognize that it is unacceptable and by collaborating against other nurses Organizations must put in place mechanisms that prohibit lateral violence, and stop accepting this inappropriate behavior as normal or expected Allowing these actions to continue without consequences supports aggravation of the overtaxed, complex, nursing work environment.
These apparent tearaway teenagers reveal an intelligence and insightfulness that stereotyping denies them.
Through insightfulness (via accurate judgments and decisions), a person with acumen exercises the intellectual ability to penetrate deeply into ideas.
In the Epilogue, Richard provides the kind of acute insightfulness on a general level that, while certainly on display throughout this book, doesn't find enough of an opportunity for expression.
That is, different dispositions in insightfulness might manifest themselves only when the tasks require more conscious effort and control.
Sidney's Defence of poesy (written probably 1580; first published 1591), for all its glamour, insightfulness and deeply moving moments, is also a bewildered and bewildering attempt to defend poetry against Plato's indictment of poets as misleaders of the youth by using an Aristotelian notion of mimesis (but with a late mannerist nuance) coupled with Horace's amiable edification.