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in a harmfully insidious manner


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Now, today, the Catholic Health Association is engaging in a deliberate and immoral campaign to ignore the facts at hand and to insidiously hush-up discussion about the day-to-day behavior that many Catholic hospitals are engaged in: price gouging and financially destroying middle-class, uninsured Latinos while making a windfall.
They creep up insidiously - first, perhaps, with a recurrent twitch, a sluggish arm or an ever-so-slight shaking.
Wisner urged people, first, to be aware of the chemicals that can insidiously make their way into our everyday lives.
These sorts of groups record alongside marketing experts and a&r execs who insidiously shape every aspect of the package to appeal to the target consumer.
CHW will continue to price gouge thousands of uninsured patients with their insidiously designed plan.
It can be hard to resist McGraw's insidiously well-crafted new disc, which recently sprinted to the top of the pop albums list for a week in the sun.
Also like Diamond, Geis perceives Kennedy's endeavor in the play as primarily a counter-hegemonic one, in which "Clara--The Playwright" undermines oppressive Hollywood ideological structures from within as she "faces the challenge of writing her way out of Hollywood's insidiously appearing dream factory.
Gregorie lost his only daughter, Jessica, in a horrific slide over a hidden cliff while crossing between slopes on an insidiously dangerous resort-designated traverse.
Increase in prices of commodities being levied steadily albeit insidiously by traders without any control.
This assault appears most insidiously in the assertion that Government action in pursuit of any social objective (other than war or protection of markets) is suspect and inferior to "private," "voluntary," or "community-based" initiatives.
I don't understand why The Advocate has to publish the views of Andrew Sullivan, who insults, attacks, and undermines, through insidiously smarmy intellectual tricks, the readership's painstakingly developed gay and lesbian identities.
More insidiously, however, the possession of slaves furnished the generation of Washington, Jefferson, Madison, and Mason with a twisted justification for their peerage with the English ruling class--a justification rooted in the philosophy of John Locke.
Unlike chemical terrorism, biological terrorism is not immediately obvious but may appear insidiously, with primary-care providers witnessing the first cases.
What sleep deprivation so insidiously and dangerously undermines," wrote one pediatrician to the New England Journal of Medicine in 1989, "is the physician's ability to care about the patient and hence make appropriate judgments.
Recent legislative efforts in Illinois have focused on eliminating college education programs, television, or weight lifting behind bars -- small examples of a comprehensive effort to make prison life as insidiously and unrelentingly unpleasant as possible.