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Its impacts are being felt through increasing intensity and frequency of extreme climatic disastrous events, as well as small, but incremental changes insidiously affecting many sectors of government activity.
The substrate takes the form of a pre-designed canvas or commercial fabric, submerged in the background but insidiously makes its presence visually, serving as a fulcrum or catalyst.
JDN says this ensures that all its products are safe for continuous and long-term operation in potentially explosive chemical atmospheres as well as the more insidiously dangerous conditions where high levels of airborne dusts exist.
However, if enough people are ignorant or apathetic enough to allow the election of racist Trump, he will have insidiously duped us today just as effectively as Hitler seduced an entire nation 70 years ago by blaming its troubles on Jews.
He also cautioned against news agencies that seek to mar and distort the image of Arabs and Muslims by branding them as terrorists and associating insidiously the religion of Islam with the scourge of terrorism.
Pierrot starts the novel as a gentle, sensitive boy, but as he grows up at the Berghof and comes under the influence of Hitler, his character insidiously changes.
Murielle finds herself caught up in an unhealthy emotional climate that insidiously leads the family towards a tragic outcome.
But its influences on the body roam far and wide, working insidiously through the neuroendocrine and immune systems, depositing its hazards on the heart, encouraging tumors and discouraging bodily defenses against colds and flu.
Changes in the quality of care have evolved insidiously over the years.
AS the mercury plummets and the icy weather creeps insidiously in, there are some excellent New Year resolutions you can make to keep yourself out of trouble this winter.
Unfortunately, and to the shame of national spineless politicians ant-Semitism has been allowed to insidiously creep back in.
He said this in a statement issued here on Sunday adding it would discourage those elements in the country's politics that insidiously tend to exploit the army for the fulfilment of their political ambitions.
A patient with this deadly cancer, which spreads insidiously throughout the brain, has an average survival of fourteen months.
Might it be, in fact, as the Welsh Government suspects, they actually 'renormalise' smoking and, more insidiously, actually present a gentle introduction to the vice to those who have never had a real cigarette in their lives.
Not only the climate is changing and wreaking unpredicted havoc on the countryside; it seems that anthropological and physiological nuances are also mercilessly corroding the core values of this sturdy brown race, insidiously attacking Mother Nature's genetic plan.