inside track

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Synonyms for inside track

a dominating position, as in a conflict

Words related to inside track

a favorable position in a competition

the inner side of a curved racecourse

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However, Matthew Davies had a hard time keeping George Baker's gelding on a true line as he hit the front, and after swerving to the far rail, he surrendered the advantage to Inside Track.
We have built eight new fences, including two ditches, on our inside track and the sizing and positioning of fences have all been approved by the inspector of courses and our own clerk of the course," said Sheil.
ON account of the huge field and tight nature of the inside track at Leopardstown, the pace is always frenetic in the Pierse Hurdle and it's incredibly difficult to lead from start to finish.
Poker Pro has a close working relationship with the World Poker Tour, giving them an inside track on major events and news from the circuit.
Leopardstown's inside track and the Kempton circuit bear little or no resemblance to Cheltenham and the outcome of both of the big hurdle races over Christmas should be seen in that light.
Although the winner has the inside track on the league title, both have to play again Friday, so nothing definite will be determined.
This seminar will enable them to get the inside track on the technologies available which will distinguish their systems from the competition.
The n80,000 Bewleys Hotels Festival Hurdle at Leopardstown a fortnight tomorrow is next for the mare, a race in which Edward O'Grady has virtually ruled out Bula Hurdle winner Back In Front because the contest is due to be run on the tight, inside track.
Notre Dame (8-0, 2-0) has the inside track in the Mission League with one game remaining.
Pulmonary delivery systems have the inside track, with intranasal, oral, buccal, and transdermal delivery technologies also in pursuit of this $5 billion a year market.
Perhaps Michigan has the inside track because the family has relatives near Ann Arbor.
com the inside track on style coverage, and we are incredibly happy to have him join us as fashion authority and commentator for the tenth consecutive year," said Harry Lin, vice president of ABC.
If Garcia beats fifth-seeded Davis again as expected, he will have the inside track toward a second consecutive divisional championship and third consectuive CIF Masters meet.
Media buyers and sellers are ready for this type of technology and we are very pleased to be working with a variety of firms that give us an inside track as well as some outstanding tools to get the job done.
The rest of the league is less certain, with Palmdale and Quartz Hill appearing to have the inside track on the other two guaranteed playoff berths.