inside job

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some transgression committed with the assistance of someone trusted by the victim

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If it is an inside job, I hope they are wracked by guilt because my brother Dominador just arrived from the US last week.
Don't rule out inside job to malign Azadi movement, by blaming Pakistan", the defence minister went on saying.
According to the military sources, the operation was the result of an inside job by the Syrian spies.
Inside Job talks about a person's capability to work on the way they think, act and behave.
Law enforcement officials believe that the theft of 100,000 dollars worth of jewelry and purses from the 21-year-old record artist's house last month, was an inside job as there is no sign of anyone suspicious entering or leaving her house, TMZ reported.
British police are investigating the Kate Middleton topless photo scandal and it just got a lot more juicy because they think it might be an inside job.
Summary: The robbery of a pharmacy in Shiyah two months ago was an inside job, police said in a statement Thursday.
America's Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) claimed that the attack was the result of an inside job.
Films include Dr Simpo's Cartoon Extravaganza, Inside Job, Apocalypse Now and the Coen Brothers remake of True Grit.
Inside Job should be required viewing for every homeowner, taxpayer, and citizen being told by pundits that we need less regulation of financial markets.
A healthy relationship cannot be imposed from without, but can only come from within," she states in Healing Relationships is an Inside Job.
Still on the theme of the war on truth, two hugely successful films of 2010 made their mark: Inside job from director Charles Ferguson and Fair Game directed by Doug Liman.
He's playing a cowboy in True Grit (above), a psychic in Hereafter, a politician in The Adjustment Bureau and narrating the documentary Inside Job - AND he's on TV in 30 Rock.
So far, EP officials believe the robbery was an inside job.
He said: "I did not say that it is an inside job done by the family, I said somebody nearby must have informed those criminals and they must be in league with them.