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Synonyms for inshore

(of winds) coming from the sea toward the land

close to a shore

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He said, 'This is an innovative and worthwhile initiative that sets out to help maintain the balance between inshore fish stocks and the livelihoods of fishermen.
Inshore rescue station officer Steve Carder said: ``When we arrived he was holding on to the base of the sea wall.
2--color) Good: Calico bass and other inshore species grow faster and healthier in elevated temperatures.
With the experience of two Whitbread / Volvo Ocean Races and four America's Cup campaigns, he has a proven track record in both inshore and ocean racing.
Wind inshore will be mainly northeasterly at a speed of 05 to 10 knots, becoming variable later.
The Western Cape High Court on 4 July 2017 handed down judgment in favour of the Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (DAFF) in the matter involving Viking Inshore Fishing (Pty) Ltd.
Two long lines were tied together to tow the stricken vessel to the inshore lifeboat, so there was enough water to start the pull.
Some experienced Panhandle guides who know the red snapper game very well tell us of the rise of inshore red snapper fishing.
If you can afford it, please consider giving a donation now to the Nith Inshore Rescue Service by texting the word NITH10 PS5 to 70070.
Minster Creed said, I recognise that this issue has been raised by the National Inshore Fisheries Forum since its inception and that there are concerns about the relatively open access for large trawlers to our inshore areas.
Weather inshore in Qatar tonight until 6am on Saturday will be hazy and partly cloudy with a weak chance of light rain at places at times, the Department of Meteorology said in its daily weather report.
Wind inshore will be northwesterly at a speed of 5 to 10 knots at times, becoming variable later.
Shortly before noon, the inshore and all-weather lifeboats from both ports sped to a point close to shore, north of Hayburn Wyke.
An inshore and all-weather lifeboat were on the scene in less than a minute.
Musto's definitive inshore jacket, the BR1, has been upgraded for 3017 after taking on feedback from some of the most advanced sailors in the world.