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Synonyms for inset

a small picture inserted within the bounds or a larger one

an artifact that is inserted or is to be inserted

a piece of material used to strengthen or enlarge a garment

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One thing that strikes me about this proposal of course is that if all schools do this, market forces might well come into play again and holiday prices may rise on weeks when these inset days are being held.
The en-suite has a his and hers bath, corner shower with body jets and large shower head with seat, twin wash basins, a remote controlled inset television, tiled walls and flooring.
Rex Phillips, Wales organiser of the NASUWT said: "Teachers have welcomed additional inset days in the past now he's taken them away he needs to be lowering the expectation of the training and support that can be given to teachers.
In order to improve the quality of education of Ghana, JICA is continuously sending experts that are helping and supporting the Teacher Education Division of the Ghana Education Service by setting up and implementing the nationwide management system for INSET and provide technical expertise to come up with the necessary policy such as the Teacher Development Policy.
An automated placement and scale selection tool for inset maps attempts to emulate the steps a cartographer takes when deciding where to place and in which scale within a map to inset (Martinez 1989; Broome et al.
They say there are now far more families with both parents working than when inset days were introduced in 1987 and education should fall into line with these social changes.
The selection of fresh herbs, inset above, made a vivid impression when the restaurant first opened.
A variety of meats and vegetables are cooked on grills, inset into the tables, at the lively new Korean restaurant Han Woo Ri in Northridge.
Turning the corner, the face of the building is revealed; two animated eyes, an inset nose, and a low glazed grin.
A six-page, foldout poster show the new color classification, with inset photos depicting more than 270 standard colors and the complete selection of patterns and surface designs.
The flap was inset to establish bilateral epithelium-lined ports that were capable of accommodating an 18 French catheter.
Left inset, McDonnell Aircraft's XFD-1, the first naval aircraft with turbojet engines, was the prototype for the FH-1 Phantom jet fighter.
But then there is no inside, for Artschwager's truck is a featureless cutout of white Formica inset into the surface of the Celotex.
The names of subgroups are inset slightly, and the names of individual occupations are inset further.