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The insensitivity of the boys' behaviour is made worse because they were on a trip to remind this and future generations of the wickedness of the Nazi extermination programme.
You can say that we are confronted by a criminal insensitivity on the part of the police in such criminal cases," he said.
Your continuing insensitivity and disrespect for countries such as Trinidad and Tobago are hereby noted.
These children have an insensitivity to social rewards that alters their brain development" Schultz remarks.
Helen Blecher, of Good Shepherd, Calgary, spoke out against the motion saying that while the process was "not perfect, and maybe there was some insensitivity in the process," she believed that the decisions were "not made lightly but with a great deal of pain and sleepless nights.
Yet Chadwick's development from this point on is disappointing, largely because of a surprising insensitivity to the photographic medium, and more specifically through a weak conception of its physical presentation.
IF only the Olympics Games featured contests in insensitivity and pomposity.
The idea that a debate about a man's "alleged insensitivity to gay people could rage at the highest levels of public consciousness was beyond laughable.
Teachers need to exercise caution, however, as the authors explain how many educators inadvertently use literature that actually promotes insensitivity rather than diversity.
who is African American, writes candidly of his impatience with black preoccupation with race and white insensitivity with prejudice in his jarring piece, "Crazy Sometimes," which serves as the perfect counter-point to Pulitzer-winning writer Les Payne's "The Night I Stopped Being Negro," which chronicles his psychological growth from colored to black after embracing the race-pride message of Malcolm X.
The resort to theory in these contexts seems intrusive and made me, in the position of reader, feel implicated in an act of gross insensitivity.
35pm) Ever thought about chopping the heads off your neighbour's prize roses in retaliation for some insensitivity or selfishness on their part?
The TFG710 thickness sensor gives film extrusion processors fast payback and low lifetime cost of ownership due to a combination of its high measurement accuracy, insensitivity to ambient effects, quick and stable calibration, and low ongoing maintenance, according to the manufacturer.
The event was a stunning act of insensitivity and a kick in the teeth for those facing the sack
Allowing a mountaintop in Pocatello, Idaho, to continue to be dubbed "Chinks Peak" reeks of insensitivity, writes columnist Emil Guillermo in the July 26 Asian Week "I thought it was a joke," he notes.