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in a numb manner


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The narrow valley, with its steep and close adjoining sides draperied with vines, and arched overhead with a fret-work of interlacing boughs, nearly hidden from view by masses of leafy verdure, seemed from where I stood like an immense arbour disclosing its vista to the eye, whilst as I advanced it insensibly widened into the loveliest vale eye ever beheld.
Still sitting close together, with my hand in his, with my head on his shoulder, little by little we fell insensibly into silence.
In well-tempered governments it requires as much care as anything whatsoever, that nothing be done contrary to law: and this ought chiefly to be attended to in matters of small consequence; for an illegality that approaches insensibly, approaches secretly, as in a family small expenses continually repeated consume a man's income; for the understanding is deceived thereby, as by this false argument; if every part is little, then the whole is little: now, this in one sense is true, in another is false, for the whole and all the parts together are large, though made up of small parts.
His oddness of speech, his gaucheries, his ignorances and nervousness had all been so lightly treated that they had been brushed away almost insensibly.
Vesey's drowsy approval, which connected Miss Fairlie and me as two model young people who never disturbed her--every one of these trifles, and many more, combined to fold us together in the same domestic atmosphere, and to lead us both insensibly to the same hopeless end.
I had once a mind to have gone to the Brazils and have settled myself there, for I was, as it were, naturalised to the place; but I had some little scruple in my mind about religion, which insensibly drew me back.
Relieved of their first anxiety about their father, girls insensibly relaxed their praiseworthy efforts a little, and began to fall back into old ways.
The charm of Edna Pontellier's physique stole insensibly upon you.
I insensibly fall into a general mention of these journeys as numerous, because it was at once settled that I should return every alternate day at noon for these purposes, and because I am now going to sum up a period of at least eight or ten months.
Then if there are any imperfections in the constitutions of states (and that many such exist the diversity of constitutions is alone sufficient to assure us), custom has without doubt materially smoothed their inconveniences, and has even managed to steer altogether clear of, or insensibly corrected a number which sagacity could not have provided against with equal effect; and, in fine, the defects are almost always more tolerable than the change necessary for their removal; in the same manner that highways which wind among mountains, by being much frequented, become gradually so smooth and commodious, that it is much better to follow them than to seek a straighter path by climbing over the tops of rocks and descending to the bottoms of precipices.
Insensibly one begins to twist facts to suit theories, instead of theories to suit facts.
the divorce between entities that maintain primary and professional education and those who maintain secondary and higher education are insensibly competing, as one of the signatories of this Manifesto has already observed, 'in order to establish in Brazil two parallel school systems, enclosed in watertight and incommunicable compartments, different in their cultural and social objectives, and, for this very reason, instruments of social stratification'.
While this work was going forward, vast numbers of the natives had collected together on the shores and a great many came off in canoes, and some even swam off, but came not nearer than a stone's throw, and those in the canoe had their arms in constant readiness; insensibly they became bolder and bolder, and at last came under our stern and exchanged some coconuts for pieces of cloth, etc.
This book relates how, more and more, civilized men found themselves insensibly sliding away from Scripture and speculation and turning instead toward the explanatory force of empirical evidence.
The fundamental maxims of her policy would insensibly change from liberty to force.