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Synonyms for insensate

completely lacking sensation or consciousness

lacking passion and emotion

displaying a complete lack of forethought and good sense

Synonyms for insensate

devoid of feeling and consciousness and animation


without compunction or human feeling

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Chen's animacy hierarchy, close to insensate and nonhuman beings.
This results in a weak push-off and a crouch gait, but more importantly a trophic ulcer of the insensate heel that can lead to calcaneal osteitis and eventually destruction of the calcaneus (Fig.
She begins by arguing that a hierarchy of pain divided black and white childhood in the nineteenth century, creating an opposition between the innocent (white) child who must be shielded from the harshness of life and the pickaninny who is somehow insensate to slings and arrows.
It's an act of insensate stubbornness on my part,'' says Shearer, a compact man with dulcet voice and soulful eyes who, somewhat implausibly, considering his puckish streak, turns 70 this month (Dec.
This insensate act of carnage may have generated a sympathy wave for the Congress.
IN DEFENSE OF THE QUARTET of nonbelievers with whom I shared some insensate resistance to Joseph's Coat earlier in the afternoon, no Skyspace is made fully animate or most vivid until it is awash in the light that can only be produced by one man on earth.
Raggedy Ann," she explains, "as insensate to pain as any other imagined faithful slave, any other pickaninny, enjoys being thrown, boiled, wrung out, skinned, and hanged.
These huge amounts that had been mismanaged by insensate and unpatriotic politicians would have built and developed a powerful infrastructure to run the country towards the vision of taking towns to rural areas.
The early recognition and appropriate management of neuropathy in the patient with diabetes is important for a number of reasons: (1) A number of treatment options exist for symptomatic diabetic neuropathy; (2) Up to 50% of DPN may be asymptomatic, and patients are often at risk of insensate injury to their feet [2]; (3) As >80% of amputations follow a foot ulcer or injury, early recognition of at-risk individuals [3], provision of education, and appropriate foot care may result in a reduced incidence of ulceration and associated diabetic complications.
All Organizations, especially the United Nations including the Government of the Kindgom of Saudi Arabia must take into cognizance this modern day slavery and issue an international proclamation, to totally eliminate, terminate and extirpate this inhuman cold-blooded behavior by these insensate, monstrous, atrocious, shockingly brutal individuals and institutions.
While not clinically proven, suspicion exists that pulsed magnetic fields help in the healing of chronic ulcers and perhaps even help in the return of sensation and pseudomotor function in chronically insensate skin such as that following degloving injuries.
with the insensate furies of savage-land" (2:277, 324).
This rank, insensate place, one that a healthy person would choose to exit from as soon as possible, is as much a part of him as his right arm.
To be insensate, like stone, is to be pitiless and potentially dangerous; and it is also to be uncosmopolitan, since cosmopolitanism involves by definition the recognition of the other, and ideally also the respect for difference and care for each other (Turner 142).