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According to Cline's attorney, Tracy Betz her client was only on trial for telling lies to the investigators and not for using his own sperm for inseminating women.
Prof Dr Talat Naseer Pasha said that aim of the training was to enhance productivity of female calves through techniques of inseminating sexed semen in cattle for enhancing milk and meat production as per needs of increasing population of Pakistan.
Although delaying the first postpartum AI usually might not necessarily maximize the proportion of pregnant cows at a specific interval postpartum, despite increased conception rate, inseminating cows very early in lactation might not be attractive either.
Pickard-Cambridge 1872: 1) future inseminating opportunities for males who have broken emboli (male sterility hypothesis) and 2) the risk of sperm competition (mating plug hypothesis).
Columbia is developing "Baster," which features a 40-year-old unmarried woman who decides to become pregnant by inseminating herself with a turkey baster using sperm from a married friend.
Simon, 59, who has been at Classic FM for the past 10 years, said another odd job was artificially inseminating cattle in New Zealand after he went travelling the world.
2) The author accepts sex-selection by means of separating the X sperms from the Y sperms, and then inseminating ova with an X or Y sperm, provided it is done to avoid a child of a certain sex who would be subject to a serious genetic disease.
Sexed beef bull semen for inseminating dairy cows to only produce crossbred males for finishing is to be tested on 5,000 cows.
Scientists at Sea World succeeded in artificially inseminating a killer whale, and researchers at the Kyoto Institute of Technology discovered that dandruff helps dolphins swim faster.