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Traditionally, it varies from 40 to 90 d postpartum in most dairy herds, and decisions on when to begin AI results from physiological windows to optimize conception and economic debate as to when is best to first inseminate cows.
mactans) were able to successfully inseminate three females suggesting that males either do not always lose their tips or that they can inseminate in spite of embolus breakage.
Their studies may ultimately benefit producers who would like to artificially inseminate all their beef cows at the same time and rapidly improve the genetics of their herds.
Even victories by men whose child support obligations resulted from deception--when the woman lied about using birth control or even, in one bizarre case, used a syringe to inseminate herself with semen collected in a condom-have been struck down on appeal.
While unable to inseminate, explains Taylor, "eunuchs were not impotent in any other sense" (37).
To obtain an improved race of fine-fibered sheep, workers at Monte Dinero--literally, Mount Money--artificially inseminate select ewes with semen from prize-winning rams from Australia and other far-flung spots.
A state prisoner brought a [section] 1983 action and state law claims against a warden, alleging violation of his constitutional right to procreate by the warden's refusal to allow the prisoner to artificially inseminate his wife.
She claims she can separate sperm and artificially inseminate the mother with male sperm.
The sperm "was used to inseminate a lady-in-waiting who gave birth in 1932 to an Imperial bastard who was kept discreetly in the wings in the case he was needed," the paper said.
Infertile couples undergoing IVF may choose to inseminate a limited number of eggs to create embryos, while freezing unfertilized eggs for use in the future.
BRITAIN has struck a deal to export millions of pounds worth of pig semen which will be used to inseminate sows in China.
Zoo keepers had hoped the pair would mate naturally, but had planned to inseminate Tian Tian artificially whether or not mating occurred.
They said Pedro and Buddy's separation would only last as long as they can inseminate their respective female partners.
Jennifer Aniston was promoting her romantic comedy The Switch, in which she plays a 40-year-old single woman who gives up on men, and decides to get pregnant by attempting to inseminate herself with a turkey baster.
Lao officials think she may have managed to artificially inseminate herself.